Tenet (2020) Trailer #1

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The first trailer for the long awaited Christopher Nolan film has finally arrived. As with most of his films, there was a lot of mystery surrounding the project and not much released beyond the cast. A cast boasting some heavy hitters, familiar faces, and some newcomers that are about to hit it big. Lead by John David Washington, standout from last year’s Blackkklansman, we follow what seems to be a character who has his hand in some kind of espionage maybe? We see him scaling a building and what seems to be breaking into it but that’s not entirely clear. He then meets a mysterious character played by Andrew Howard who seems to give him something that appears to kill him. In the next scene he wakes up with a “welcome to the afterlife” greeting by a Howard’s character. There are some other action shots and brief glimpses of some of the other cast along with some great action sequences. Robert Pattinson finally makes an appearance towards the end of the trailer in an action scene and what looks like an investigation scene with Washington. It’s in this final scene that we get our first real hint at what this story could include with the final line from Washington stating “it hasn’t happened yet”. 

There’s still a lot of mystery surrounding the plot, but one thing is clear, it has something to do with the reversal of time. Not time travel per say but where our characters run in reverse while everyone else runs forward. It’s a curious angle to take and one that seems to stem from his first feature film Memento. Good news is that for the most part, Nolan has proven himself time and time again of releasing a great movie. This one seems to have a wide scope and some fantastic action, but only time will tell whether this is another big hit for him. 

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