Yes, it is a Christmas movie!

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Merry Christmas!

Happy Hanukkah (it actually falls around the Christmas Day, that’s fun)!

Have a great winter holiday day!

As you being to settle with friends, family, pets, and all other assorted people (if you got internet friends they count too) it’s time for your yearly traditions.

For most of you that tradition is to probably sit and watch a film or couple tv specials and have a great time. That’s good. As our world tumbles further and further into the garbage bin, it is healthy to have a place to go, warm your heart, and be happy.

The biggest piece of toxicity that comes out this time of year is the question everyone who’s dressed up as John McClane for a holiday party gets: “Is that a Christmas movie?” From there the discussion usually deteriorates quickly into sludge. So this here to say that yes, it is a Christmas movie.

This is not just to justify all those people who do it. Every movie is a Christmas movie! Or, it is more accurate to say that every movie is a holiday movie. Christmas is tied (however so tenuously at this point to Jesus totally actual birthday) to the church and religion, while holiday is not.

It is easy to tie basically any movie to the holiday season. The Dark Knight – a man chooses to take the burden of society to help people, sounds like Santa to me. Star Wars IV: A New Hope – a group of people come together to stop evil and celebrate, sounds like Christmas carolers trying fro squash the hatred in us all. (This is fun) Deadpool – A man fights hard to be able to spend time with his girlfriend, I mean he gives up everything for a person that is pretty Christmasy. The studio thought Deadpool 2 was enough of a family Christmas movie they re-edited it to be one! Okay, one more: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – a man tries to spread cheer to friends and have a perfect day, sound like what people try to do every Christmas. (Play the home version by taking any movie you see and try to find the holiday spirit in it. Makes you feel good.)

Enough jokes. The point is that every movie is a holiday movie if it has meaning to you on that holiday. It’s fun to joke about how Fight Club is a Christmas movie cause it’s about fighting consumerism even as it is consumerist art, and embrace people (okay last one for real this time). But if you watched it as a high schooler or college student with your family at the right time it could do it for you. I mean for years people would watch the Dr. Who special and those did not always have to do with Christmas.

That’s the key. It doesn’t have to do with Christmas. Holidays are what you make of them. If your family bundles around the TV and watch Wayne’s World every Christmas then that is a Christmas movie. If you watch Independence Day and time the explosion of the mothership to new year, that’s holiday movie. If you binge watch sitcoms and bake cookies with you mother that is well a holiday TV show (the point remains).

Thanksgiving morning my family has Irish coffee, make cinnamon rolls and watches the Macy’s Parade. Only one of those things has any relation to Thanksgiving. The other two could be done any day, but I would not want a Thanksgiving without it. Those traditions are not based on anything special about Thanksgiving, but that combination does for me.

So when you settle down when the moon rises high, and the wind blows cold, and you go for your traditional Christmas time movie night watch of Mary Poppins just know that it too is a Christmas movie because Christmas is what we make it.

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