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Happy New Years!

Thank all of you that have stopped by our humble city and taken in the sites here. We just started and love our small, tight knit group of readers we have here. You all mean a great deal to us and love knowing you’ve read and given your time to our to our nonsense. We love you and want you to keep coming back (even if one of us is wrong about Star Wars – you can decide).

As we get into the new year we would like to make a real push and expand. All that means for you is that we will be getting a full website, better layout, and ads so we can try our best to make this into a living. To do that, we have some things lined up for you.

The Old: We are going to keep all the same content we have been posting. That means editorials by myself and the co-mayor here (type something funny Shane, don’t screw me on this!), retro, classic, new movie reviews, and the The Hot 100 Reviews will all continue on as is.

The New: On the website and text side we will have new TV series reviews, TV retrospectives, and Discography Deconstruction where I will be going through the discography of bands and artists (if you have suggestions send them in).

The announcement I am most excited about is Page-a-Day! I fancy myself a fiction writer as well as an entertainment writer and want to share that with you. It is said by a big comedy video game reviewer and author (named after a board game) that if you’re a writer then write a page a day, so I will be doing that. Every day a new page of the book I am working on, Tainted Victory will be posted. The story is outlined, so I have a general sense of where it will go. I cannot guarantee every page will be exciting revelations and plot thrill, just like how not every page is an action scene or a big reveal. It is a rough draft too. The first page: the Prologue and first paragraph of chapter 1 will be posted tomorrow.

Our biggest steps forward are the additions of video and podcasting to our library of content. We have two Podcasts in pre-production and planning. The first is Unproduced Paradise where we look at unused and unmade scripts. The second is Oscar Bait, an examination of award wining movies. A third is in the brainstorming phase. We will also do video versions of the posts, spoiler discussions on big movies, general discussion talk, and random nonsense (I am sorry our voices suck). It’ll be a good time!

The Hopeful: A year is a long time, a lot can happen. In our short existence so far we have made good waves as a small web press in the dying medium of text writing. We want to expand, but not push ourselves thin and burn out before our potential is met. Therefore there are some stretch goals we would love to reach if we can get everything going and we continue to grow.

  1. Additional people onto our team. We would love more people to contribute. At this point it will be pro bono. We are making no money and so cannot pay, but you get to hang with us and post you ideas.
  2. Hangout live stream/podcasts. We will just chill on YouTube or Twitch, play video games and have a good time. 
  3. I have one completed book in the editing bay. If we get enough of an audience I will just post it online only and let you guys buy it and support us!
  4. Patreon: I don’t want to set one up before we even have an audience to support it and our city’s endeavour to entertain you guys. If enough say you would pay for us to continue and help make this our career (better equipment, full salary wage, office space, etc). 
    1. Possible rewards: names in the credits, bonus video content, Discord server, ability to suggest what we watch and review, pay free versions of my book (books depending on how stuff works out), hangout chats, have us spotlight your YouTube channel or Blog (etc). 
  5. Audio Drama podcast called The Buried Box: Cases Cold and Long Forgotten. They will be one off stories about fictional cold cases of the standard to weird X-Files cases. 
  6. Start a comic book series (far off).
  7. Help kickstart our CCG or is it TCG (also far off). 

If none of those happen, thank you for at least stopping by and reading!


Connor & Shane

Co-Mayors of Tower City Media

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