Tainted Victory – Prologue (Page a Day)

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Tainted Victory – A Tower City Media Production


Raisor Forester died after he slayed the dragon. He and his compatriots were hired by the king of the land to slay the dragon. See, the dragon attacked the castle at twilight. Its fiery breath and enormous wings wrecked the land. The king fled first. Those lucky enough to survive the initial attack followed. 

    The dragon scorched the lands and the fields first. The clouds high above turned bright red by the flames. The remaining villagers could not fret too much above the crimson clouds because the smoke quickly painted the waning purple sky opaque and black. Its tail ripped, tore, and unconventionally tilled everything it touched. The people and villagers tried to run. Some were successful. Some collapsed due to smoke inhalation. Some were turned to dust. Others were forced to the ground by the gale force flaps of the dragon’s wings. It was a threat to be sure.

    Those few people who doubted this attack on the land was indeed a threat were proven undoubtedly wrong when the dragon began his scourge of the king’s castle. The dragon gilded passed the castle walls. The few remaining guards tried to fight back. They did not succeed. When the dragon landed it coated every exposed surface with a thick layer of sut, dust, and grime. The dragon stomped its way to the tall iron gate. Spikes protrude from the wall. They did nothing when the dragon stood on its hind legs and forced the gate down with a single push. The gate fell with an echoing thud neighboring villages could here. The dragon entered the castle. The first thing it did was rest. 

    It took no time for the news to spread that the royal village was decimated, and castle was occupied. The king formed many crusading parties to take the castle back. They were not successful. The few minor wins were executed when the dragon left the castle. The raiding group would arrive, hold the castle long enough to think they won only to be thoroughly disseminated when the dragon returned from his cave with gold and rage in hand. 

    It took multiple failed raids in a row for the king to realize he would not be able to return to the castle. His mind was eventually swayed in a new direction. The king’s advisor’s knew that their land would be overthrown if the king was not able to return to the throne. So, the advisors came up with an idea. Each one of the eight advisors would travel the land in search of a great hero and hire them to help take down the dragon and restore the king to power. The heroes were given instructions to meet at the guards quarters outside the castle walls. Their raid would begin on the night before the anniversary of the dragon’s conquest. 

This raid would be a mixed success. 

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