Tainted Victory- Chapter 1, Part 1 (Page a Day)

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Part 1- The Siege/Chapter 1: The Meetup

Raisor Forester was approached by the first of the king’s advisors after slaying the giant terrorizing the village of Kurst. The advisor found Raisor Forester removing his two swords from the feld giant cranium. Raisor wiped the alternately colored blood on his pant leg then sheathed the swords. Raisor saw the advisor ducking and trying to hide from him. “Come out, my friend,” Raisor called out. Raisor then removed his daggers from the giant’s back. Cleaned them similarly to the swords and placed them in the sheath along his thighs. “I will not hurt you. Unless you are a creature, or I was hired to do so. However, you do not have the gait of a man I would kill.”

The advisor stepped sheepishly away from the rockface and out to Raisor. The advisor agreed that he was not here to fight, only to give him a message. He explained that the king has requested that the greatest heroes in the land come together to face the best quest a hero could ask for: to slay a dragon and free the kingdom. 

Raisor kicked dirt and rock around in contemplation. He looked at the feld giant, dug into the giant’s purse and removed a handful of engraved diamonds. He pocketed a couple while placing the rest onto a pack sat between his blades. “I do very much like that proposition.” He dug back into the pack and removed a sick of cured meat. “Doing good is something I value. I do value other things if you had not noticed.” He took a bite to satiate his hunger and emphasize his point. 

The advisor said that he would be paid a competitive rate, with an additional bonus if he completed a secondary task for the king. The advisor brandished a scroll from his woven pouch with the appropriate information on in. 

Raisor accepted the scroll. A broad smile grew across his face! He followed the smile with a strong nod and additional bite of the cured meat. He accepted the job. 

The other heroes were greeted and met with similarly cryptic but lucrative deals. The scroll they were given provided a  date they had to make it to the now charred and destroyed capital city. Raisor made the decision that he would be the first to arrive.

When the date eventually arrived he was not the first to reach the capital city. He was second. He cursed himself for stopping the horde of goblins from ransacking a town along the mountains outside of Kurst. He entered the gate outside the capital city and saw a pair of horse tracks, along with wheel marks cut freshly into the ground. The path made a winding and scenic route exploring the mostly charred, ramshackled, and just utterly destroyed town. 

A cool wind blew itself across his arms. Raisor looked up and saw the approaching clouds of a storm coming. He then felt a jerk forward as his steed stopped behind a wood and lacquer carriage with dust caked wheels and two horses. Raisor moved his gaze from the horse and buggy to the house they were parked in front of. It was of a medium size in comparison to the other houses surrounding them. 

Raisor tied his horse to the wooden post planted in front of the house, drew his knife and approached the door for the far side. He placed the blade downward and cracked the door open. He only saw a desk with a freshly lit candle and scroll similar to what he had been given by the advisor who visited him. He cracked the door further and saw a kettle settling on a stove top with steam escaping the lid. He cracked further only to hear a voice call out to him. “You can just come in! From your approach and dress you seem to be similarly hired to slay this dragon same as I am so there’s no need for your cloak and daggering.”

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