Tainted Victory – Chapter 1, Part 2 (Page a Day)

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Raisor pushed the door open the rest of the way only to see a man sitting at a large, for the space, dining table. He had a tea cup placed in front of him, and a map of the castle beyond the cup. He wore a red vest with a long white shirt. He had thin black facial hair, and wavy black hair. Raisor sheathed his knife. “You are an incredibly trusting man,” the red-vested man said. 

Raisor finished examining the room. The only things he did not observe were two beds and some storage containers. “Trusting. Not so much. I see that you do not have a weapon near your person making you the least of the immediate threats.” 

The red-vested man looked around his immediate area. “You do appear to be right.” He rose and greeted Raisor. “My name is Hugh Darkflame!”

Raisor’s eyes jutted out. He broke his connection with the man and redrew his knife. “Darkflame you say. The name of a villain.”

Hugh laughed, unfazed by the brandished weapon and harsh change in tone. “It is the name of a doctor my good man.”

Raisor sheathed his weapon once again. “Doctor you say?”

“I do say.” Hugh pointed out to his carriage. “Did you not read the word printed upon my carriage?” Raisor turned to see: DR. DARKFLAME – TRAVELING DOCTOR: Here to cures what ales you. 

“Right,” Raisor said. He took the open seat across from Hugh.

Hugh tilted his head and saw the ends of a scroll poking out of Raisor’s pack. “It seems you were hired similar to myself.” He motioned to the scroll placed out on the far desk. Raisor agreed. “ Hugh leaned back in his chair. “I do wonder why we are the ones who have been selected for this mission.”

“Well this cannot be all. Two people to take on a ferocious dragon. Seems hardly fair. Well, for the dragon at least.” 

Hugh looked over the man in front of him. His bravado was not an obvious front. His body was open and voice strong. “I did not catch your name,” Hugh said.

“Raisor Forester. Saver of men, slayer of monster. Hero to all.”

“Ah ha!” Hugh exclaimed,”You are indeed a great hero.”

“Well of course.”

“No, no, no. I mean I have heard of your exploits. It makes perfect sense that you are the one hired to help slay the dragon.”

“Well of course!” Raisor said again. “And every quest needs a healer.” He pointed to Hugh. 


There conversation was broken by the sound of clumping footsteps, and jingle of loot or maybe collar. “Right, Hounder. It does seem that a storm is approaching. The air is chilling hard,” said the voice on the other side of the door. There was a moment of silence until he spoke again. “This does seem to be the party house. Better meet our fellow guests. Be on your best behavior, Hounder,” the voice said again.

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