Tainted Victory – Chapter 1, Part 3 (Page a Day)

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Hugh and Raisor looked at each other, but did not hear a response from the second person. Hounder they were called. When the door opened it was immediately apparent why that was. A single man stood in the open door. He had on a well worn green cloak, it looked almost black against the approaching clouds. It covered a tan colored outfit and brown boots. He had a sword on his hip, and a short bow along his back. Behind him clicked the nails of a large wolf-hound. It had vibrant, and soft gray fur with white patches. His eyes could pierce the sky, and had a hyper-active tail. 

“Hello, mates!” the cloaked man said while he removed his hood. “The name is Colt, crack monster trapper. This is my best partner, Hounder.” He motioned to the dog, but he was already clicking his way around the single room house. 

Raisor and Hugh greeted the man back. 

Colt removed his cloak and short bow. “Is anyone using that bed there. Either of them beds there really?” Neither of the men said anything. Colt tossed his personal effects onto the bed. Hounder hopped up, circled the effects for a minute before settling down. “I’m glad we arrived when we did. That storm sure is brewing. Last time I slept in a storm of the size coming I got caught with sickness. Good thing we got a doctor here with us isn’t it.” He put a hand on Raisor’s shoulder. The other two men could not tell if he thought Raisor was the doctor, or talking to him. Regardless of what the two men thought, the tracker continued to talk. He went into detail about his previous case tracking a manticore from the high mountains, down to the coast, along a cluster of villages until he found the mage who had created him, then killed the mage.

“I also tracked a couple dragons once,” Colt said. This snapped the two men back into focus on their new friend.
    “How did you accomplish that?” Hugh asked.

“Did you kill it?” Raisor added.

“Unfortunately neither if you can believe it.” They could. “Anyway, I was tasked with retrieving a village’s stolen gold. Hounder here sniffed the scent to an empty cave. But in the cave was something every animal drops no matter the species. Hounder caught its scent again and followed it up to the mountains. Never caught up with it, but got the gold back. It must have dropped it when flyin around. It was in a bush I saw when trying to hunt for food for the evening.”

The house door opened again with only a light squeak. The other two men gave a strong sigh of relief and turned their attention to a woman dressed in full black, and matching black hair in a bun. She had a strong sneer that didn’t seem to match the soft and elegant complexion of her face. “Oh, hello! My name is Colt! This is my hunting dog Hounder. He’s part wolf if you couldn’t tell.” Colt got up to greet her immediately. 

She accepted the handshake reluctantly. “Good to meet you. I suppose,” she said. 

Raisor followed with his own social enough greeting. “So, who are you?” he asked the woman.

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