The New Mutants Is Back!!

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Despite the long delayed and assumed scrapping of the project, Disney has brought back the project for theatrical release with its first new trailer. After Fox seemed to be unsure of what to do with the film having tried to take it in several different directions with reshoots or discussions of reshoots, it was thought that the film would be shelved never to be released. It wasn’t until the sale of the Fox properties to Disney that we started to wonder whether or not they would move forward with its release. Turns out it ended up being a movie that they felt confident in releasing to some extent. 

It was one of the biggest questions going into the acquisition of the Fox properties by Disney and it wasn’t until recently that we were told a new trailer would be dropping with the confirmed release being this year. Fox at a time wasn’t confident in the project and reports were saying that they wanted to do extensive reshoots to turn into a less horror like movie. 

I’m not going to go into all of the controversy or he said she said crap of what they were wanting to do or what they did as far as reshoots go, but with the original first trailer we saw that we would be getting a straight up horror movie in the X-Men universe. Josh Boone who directed it, very much wanted to keep in this direction and it seems with this new trailer that Disney has agreed and we’re getting his vision.

Right off the bat we get the Fox logo rather than a Disney logo or just a Marvel logo so it does seem safe to say that they have no intentions of merging this into their Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now it does make me wonder what will happen if it’s successful and warrants a sequel but that would be something to analyze further on in the future. I would say though that aside from the word mutant, there really aren’t any references to either the X-Men or the MCU so they could be leaving the door open for all possibilities. 

The thing that struck me the most was the keeping of the original direction with this being a straight up horror movie. It feels very refreshing and original because we haven’t really had anything of this nature before, at least not to this scale. It’s very much a horror house type concept where it brings together these kids who all have abilities that are being I guess taken care of and tested. It’s not till they realize that they’re in a bad place before they decide to try and leave this sparking the plot. The main doctor woman states that the place is to bring out their worst fears and what we see is each character going through several horror like events or possibly visions in trying to escape. 

It’s ultimately a clever angle to take the superhero genre and will definitely separate itself from the likes of other superhero films. It’s a wonder why Fox was so hesitant in releasing it and whether the film is actually bad or not. Hopefully if there were any issues, they were rectified under the new management. I’m also hoping that the only issue was that they were scared that it was too much in the horror genre. That could be why Disney is electing to use the Fox logo rather than their own. 

I also really like the introductions of the characters and their powers. It gives us a chance to meet them and see what they can do while also giving us origins that are for sure to make the spine tingle in an unusual fashion. I think the best example of this is when we get the introduction of Anya Taylor-Joy’s character Magik. She talks about how she killed like sixteen men and she almost seems proud of it. It’s terrifying to see the small moment of how scary her performance is going to be. 

I also noticed that the visuals of their powers looks much better in this trailer than it did in the first. Now the first trailer was a long time ago so I can’t exactly remember how much of their powers we actually got to see, but it definitely shows how much sharper the effects look. It appears that Disney really put forth the money to finish the visuals and I applaud them for that because it looks awesome. 

It’s a testament to the director and Disney to embrace what this movie is. These are all kids who reacted in what seems to be a realistic manner after finding out they have powers. It’s impressive really that despite all of the issues, this movie still found a way to come out and to come out with a statement. Sure there is the actual release of the movie at hand that could determine whether or not it was a good idea to go through with releasing it, but as I remember the first trailer for the most part was liked by most and this one looks to be another great showing of how good this movie could be. 

I was aware that there was a chance it could be released so I never covered this in my top ten anticipated of 2020 list, but I am definitely more excited about this movie than I thought I would be. Here’s to hoping that we get a movie that proves to be better than we expected and hopefully hits every mark and becomes a successful hit for the studio. There’s a lot to like here and we should be excited for a superhero movie that takes this sort of risk diving into the horror genre. 

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