Tainted Victory – Chapter 1, Part 6 (Page – a – Day)

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“She seems to know all the answers,” Raisor pointed to Evelyn. She had since taken the other bed. She sat on the edge and crossed her legs. 

“I do not know all,” she said. “I only saw them.” She nodded to the mage and soldier. 

The mage, Olivier, took the remaining seat at the dinner table. He was running his fingers along the map Hugh had out when Raisor arrived earlier. “Does anyone know where the dragon staying?”

“I have some guesses,” Hugh said.

“We could send a party out and do an early check,” Colt said. “I’m a scout, and our lady here is a trained sneak.”

“I prefer Evelyn.”

“We have bigger problems,” Siguard said. “The invaders are coming our way.” He adjusted his sword, then pointed to a small space outside of the castle. “Based on their pace they should be arriving by nightfall.”

“How many soldiers are there?” Raisor asked.”I have dealt with more than my share of invaders and scoundrels.”

“A full platoon,” Siguard said. The rest of the team joined them in the now cramped dining area. 

“So you’re saying they’re outnumbered,” Raisor said. 

“I like the spunk on this one,” pointed Olivier. 

“Thanks.” Raisor placed his swords on his back and reattached his knife to his leg. 

“What is the plan then?” Hugh asked. 

“They’re coming on to our turf,” Colt said. “That gives us an advantage.”

“Do they believe anyone is here to stop them?” Hugh asked.

“Based on my time trailing them I believe not,” Evelyn said. She re-armed herself, and tied her hair back into a bun. “They believe they can slay the dragon, raid the treasury, and weapons caches that were left behind.”

“They will not be expecting  us,” Siguard said. “Good.” He paused for a moment in thought. “Can any of you draw a map of the city?”

Hugh flipped his map over, then handed the ink and writing tools over to Evelyn. “I can.” She dipped the tools in the ink and began tracing aimless lines along the leather. The lines soon began to intersect, cross, square out until a model of the city was printed onto the paper. She then drew the entrance to the city with a flag of the invading army on it. She leaned back and let the others look it over. “Now what?” she asked. 

Siguard held his hand out. “Let’s make some plans.” Evelyn handed him the writing tools. Siguard dipped them in ink and began writing symbols and lines down the streets and informed them of what he was thinking.

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