Pokémon Mystery Dungeon RETURNS!?

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Watch the trailer: https://youtu.be/2R_1HEbxYhA

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon is coming to Switch!

The announcement came in the Nintendo Direct on January 9th. It is a remake of the first series of games Red Rescue and Blue Rescue team. The game is called: Rescue Team DX!

Based on the trailer, it is a full HD remake of the game. The art and background design looks stellar. It uses great looking 3D models for each of the characters. The backgrounds have an amazing water color look. It makes that whole world pop. The story and game play seems to take pretty much wholesale from the older games. The tweaks come in with more cutscenes to build the game up, and dynamic battles.

This was a really great surprise to get at the beginning of the year. It feels very fresh and like they want to mix it up while keeping true to those first games. That includes keeping only generation 3 and below Pokémon available.

More updates to come if there is a big enough announcement.

Early reaction is that this will be played and definitely reviewed after release on March 6!

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