Tainted Victory – Chapter 1 Conclusion (Page-A-Day)!

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A whistling arched across the sky. A knife spun side over side and hit the lightning blade. A small spark shot out and the knife fell to the ground. They turned to see a woman with clay red hair holding a second knife in her hand. A brute of a man with a curved axe stood beside her. “I told you we would miss the fun!” Boomed the voice of the brute. 

“You can have fun,” the woman said. “I’ve got a target to attend to.” She motioned the butt of her knife to Troforsect. 

Troforsect scoffed. “A tiny dagger can do nothing against my…” his voice trailed. The lightning began to slowly dim and evaporate back into the sky. That was when he looked and saw the markings on the knife. They were anti-magic marks. “Interesting, but…” he was interrupted again as the beefy brute charged based the mage and vested man right to him and slashed the axe against his sword. A bell sounded between them. It took all his stamina not to tumble off his steed. 

More of the Blue soldiers stumbled out of the alley to see the explosive sound. “I’ve got the rider,” the clay haired woman said. She drew a short sword and leaped at Troforsect. “You deal with the foot soldiers.”

“Ah ha! You do not have to tell me.” The axe wielding brute pivoted of the soldiers. The rose encrusted knight and the two sword wielder attacked from the other sides. “I could not wait to get to fight a great dragon. This will hold me for a moment.” His axe head cleaved a sword’s blade in two. 

“I would now suggest that you leave,” the red vested man said. Troforsect deflected a blow from the woman’s short sword, and scowled. 

“Men!” Troforsect declared. “Retread! For now.” His steed bucked the woman away. He took off toward the gate. He knew he had recognized that man before. The rose man. He was the only one who got away. He was the sole survivor of his Great Collapse, Siguard Rose. He was a formidable foe he would have to deal with before this was through, he thought. 

He exited the gate and looked behind him. His men were stumbling slowly behind. They did not appear to be injured. The worst cut was to their pride.

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