Tainted Victory – Chapter 2, Part 3 (Page-a-Day)

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Evelyn drew her dagger. “I know exactly where the knife can penetrate. It could also help you reach a great falsetto.”  She marched up to the armored man. Siguard rose to meet her. Their voices quickly deteriorated into incoherent arguments and back talk. Hugh jumped between them and started to tear them apart, but it was they were two magnets being flung together. Only a clash could come. 

A crack of lightning in the sky settled the two. The house shook violently from side to side. Raisor peaked out the window, sword already in hand. “I’ve only felt that shaking when giants were afoot.” 

“It was that damned foreigner. He meddled with the weather. Are they taught to not poke bears?” Olivier said. 

Colt joined Raisor at the window. The downpour of rain was a solid wall. Impassible by neither eye or body. It was something no human could escape. “Dragons have wings you know,” he said.

“Yeah,” Evelyn said. “That’s like telling us Hounder here has a tail.” He did. It was curled around his body. 

“No,” Colt said moving away from the window and to address the group. “Wings. They are used to fly.”

Hugh’s face exuded a radiant understanding. “The dragon can fly,” he continued before Evelyn could add a remark. “He could try and fly away!”

“Yes, yes, exactly!” Colt said. 

“So their is a brain in his head. Not a list of facts and shaggy dog tales,” Raisor said. 

“What is the plan then?” Siguard asked. 

“We can freeze the dragon. If he cannot move he cannot flap his wings to fly away from us!” Colt said. He looked over to Olivier.

“I can do some,” Olivier said. He scratched his wrist. “Ice magic, and all elemental magic is hard to push onto a person. Infusing a living being with an element, pushing,” he extended a hand outward, “that into an independent system requires a lot of work and training that only masters in elemental cold magic have.”

“He is right on some of it,” Hugh said. He rubbed his arms as if the storm tightened his joints.

“So ice magic is out,” Evelyn said. 

“What?” Olivier asked in surprise. “No! I can still use it! I can make pillars high and high.” He flattened his palm downward and rose it up as he spoke. “I made one the size of the Purple Mountains.” His hand reached its apex. He then withdrew it and huddled back in his chair. “Boy did the sun really glisten off it. I was able to give water to people for days and days.”

“All right,” Evelyn said. “So we freeze the dragon with a wall of ice. Freeze the dragon in place, Olivier. Yes I know you can’t freeze the dragon,” she clarified before the mage’s hand could raise.

“It sounds like our plan has come together,” Claudia said. 

“Indeed,” added Siguard. 

“Except again, for those two,” Raisor pointed his blade at Evelyn and Hugh. “They have not been given a job in this fight.” 

“I am a doctor,” Hugh said. “None of you are injured yet, but you might be during the fight.”

“Seems fair,” said Goblet.

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