My Top 5 “Go To” Movies or Shows

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Everyone has their favorite TV shows and movies that they like to rewatch or go back to when they don’t know what to watch. Sometimes they just rewatch because they love them so much. I have a few things in both movies and television that I like to go back to and rewatch whenever I’m working on writing or if I’m in a show hole/movie hole. If you don’t know what that means, it’s basically a lull between watching something new where you aren’t ready to start something new yet and kind of need a palate cleanser. Normally I’ll go to these because I enjoy them so much and it makes for good background noise when you’re working on something like writing. The advantage is that you don’t necessarily have to pay attention because you’ve seen what it is your watching so much that you can pick it up at any point and know what’s going on. So here I am giving my top five favorite go to shows or movies. Keep in mind these aren’t necessarily my favorites of any lists (some of them are) but just shows or movies I love revisiting. 


NCIS was my first real creature of the week network program show that I really got into. Creature of the week is a term used with shows that have a new monster, killer, or case each episode. Sometimes these shows have overarching stories that happen over the course of a few episodes, but for the most part they go by the creature of the week formula. (Yes even Grey’s Anatomy is considered “creature of the week”). I remember when I was much younger and actually started having some extra money in my pocket, I was looking for a show at the store to get into where I could buy the full season box sets. I wasn’t sure what to watch, so one day I picked up season one of NCIS. I had heard many good things about it, but for the most part I didn’t know much. I think it’s the great characters led by Gibbs and DiNozzo that really hooked me and continued my buying of the each season. Eventually I was all caught up to the current season on TV, but I would never watch it week to week. 

I’m not sure why that was, but I much preferred to watch it all at once and so while waiting for the newest season to come out on DVD, I found myself continuously rewatching seasons 1-6. Keep in mind that the show I believe is now on its 16th season so I’ve been with it for a while. Over the course of the series, there have been many cast changes with new characters coming in and old characters leaving. Even with those changes, the show never lost its focus or its heart and continued to keep getting better. I will admit that do to longevity, I haven’t seen some of the newer seasons more than once, but my love for the show has never gone and I will continue to fall back on starting from season 1 and watching each episode until I’m either complete or until a new show or movie comes up that pulls me away from it. I know that on several occasions my mom would be watching an episode on live TV and she would ask me if I knew which episode it was. It would take me about 30 seconds to say which season, around what part of the season it took place and what exactly happens. Maybe I’ve seen it a few too many times, but it is easily one of my top go to shows. 

4. Supernatural

Supernatural falls into the same category as NCIS, it’s a creature of the week based show that very much has a creature every week. It’s a show that I didn’t pick up on until a few years after starting NCIS. I love this show because it brings what made The X-Files so good and adds more action and brotherly love. It has some fantastic overarching stories for each season while balancing that out with some of the best standalone episodes from this type of show. I think the main reason why I like this and NCIS so much is that you can come into just about any episode and be completely fine unless of course you choose an episode that’s part of the overarching plot. It’s really driven by the character dynamic between Sam and Dean who develop into two brothers that are an absolute delight to see on screen. 

They bring humor, fun, and heart to each episode while also going through many character arcs throughout the series. What the show does best is utilize what it is at its core. It’s not a perfect show and it has some iffy kind of plots or ideas, but it embraces the bad and makes the most out of what it is. I’ve seen this series at least three times all the way through and while some may consider the later seasons to be bad, I argue that while the overarching story might not be as strong, the standalone episodes certainly don’t lose their shine. One of the best episodes of television personally has been in the later seasons with the “Scoobynatural” episode. It mixes our characters with the Scooby Doo characters and subverts the expectations of what you thought it would be like. It’s one of the funniest episodes to watch especially since it embraces itself inside of a Scooby Doo world. I will always come back to this show at least a few times a year if not for a whole series rewatch than at least a few seasons or certain episodes. 

3. Jaws

This is the first movie on my list and since I haven’t done a list of my favorite movies of all time then here is where I will say that this movie is my favorite of all time. I’m not sure why exactly it is, other than just it being one of the oldest movies I can remember watching as a kid. I also love sharks and Steven Spielberg so that’s an added advantage, but making this list is easy because I have seen this movie more than a hundred times. Any time I find myself not sure of what to watch but I want to watch a movie, this is my immediate go to. It’s such a good movie and I love everything about it. I know that I could probably recite the lines from each actor from heart and it’s just the perfect movie for me to have on as background noise while I’m working on things. 

Outside of Star Wars, Jaws has probably had the biggest impact on my life. I know a lot of the ins and outs of the Star Wars movies and it’s other media, and Jaws is second in my overall knowledge of the film. I remember being back in High School when we had to read something, I actually printed off a script for Jaws and convinced my teacher to let me read it. I’ve also read the Jaws Log and have seen all of the documentaries about the film. It is just an absolute enjoyment every single time I get to watch this movie regardless of how many times I’ve seen it. As I said before, I can watch this movie on any given day and at any given time and enjoy every bit. It was one of the most impactful movies in my life and love for movies in general and it will always be at the top of my list whenever I’m asked what my favorite movie is. 

2. Star Wars

Of course you may have been expecting this, like many my love of films is centered around Star Wars. The Empire Strikes Back is my second favorite movie of all time just behind Jaws. Now you may be thinking that I’m going to pick a specific movie from the franchise to place here, but you would be wrong. While I do have a few favorites in the franchise, it’s the franchise as a whole that’s an immediate go to whenever I’m not sure what to watch. I have seen most of the movies more times than I can count. While I don’t like some of the movies more than the others, I still have an overall joy of the whole series and will watch any of them at any given time. There are some like Empire and Last Jedi that I will turn on and watch by themselves because of how much I enjoy them, but typically I will find myself rewatching all of them many times throughout the year. 

It’s the mythology of the series that really makes it so enjoyable to watch. It’s the mythology that really spikes my love of all of the movies in the franchise including the prequels. Regardless of their quality, it’s the mythology that lights a spark in my creative mind and what gets me excited to write fiction or to even do these reviews and other posts. Without question, I will and can put on a Star Wars movie and enjoy it even as background noise because of what it means to me personally. It’s that spark of creativity that hits me hard and pushes me to continue to go back to it when I don’t know what to watch. Recently my go to has been The Last Jedi, and I don’t care about those who hate it. I love it and it has been my most rewatched of all of the new movies. 

  1. The Office 

This is surprisingly the most recent thing I’ve seen to make this list. I never watched The Office when it was being released weekly and only started watching it on Netflix about three years ago. I first started watching it with my roommates who had all seen it many times before and I know how popular it is, but just never got around to watching it. It was an immediate hit for me when I binge watched every season and it became an instant go to when I’m not sure what to watch. It was only about a year ago that it really became number one on this list. I hadn’t seen it for a little over a year, but decided it was time to rewatch it. I binged through it in a few weeks and loved it more than the first time. And then a few months after that my girlfriend decided that she wanted to start watching it, unfortunately for her I stay up later and ended up binge watching it again in about 2 weeks. 

This to me is the ultimate go to of everything on this list for me. Movies are one thing because they’re a joy to watch, but they’re limited by the amount of total time there is. It’s also not as easy to go to a movie when you’re not going to be sitting down for more than 2 hours. The other shows, NCIS and Supernatural are great but they live in that 45 minute length and are more drama than anything else. The Office is the perfect go to because of its short runtime per episode and it being a comedy. It’s the perfect palate cleanser in between watching something like The Mandalorian and The Witcher. You can love any one episode and you’re not having to see all of them either to know what’s going on. Its placing could change in the future, but right now it is my number one go to when I’m not sure what to watch. I just finished it and am already wanting to go back and start from the beginning again, unfortunately I have a long list of things that I need to watch so I’m going to have to wait a bit first. 

We all have our personal go to movies or shows that of course carry into our favorites list. Many of these are my favorites overall, but part of the reason why is because they are easy to go to when you aren’t sure what to watch. Not everyone will have the same things on their own lists, but it’s always fun to share what it is that you like to go back to and revisit. Hopefully if you find yourself in a position where you don’t know what to watch, try giving some of these a chance to see if you feel the same way and if not then just let me know what’s on your personal list!

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  1. I love your list. NCIS is one of my favorite also, I absoloutely loved Tony Dinozzo, Gibbs and ABBY! Loved her in the lab and all her quirks. The show was awesome, I even liked Ziva when she joined the cast. You should check out Dinozzo’s new show Bull, it is good as well.


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