Tainted Victory – Chapter 2, Part 4 (Page – a – Day)

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“Hugh here seems to be all above board and all,” Raisor began, then sheathed his sword, “But we don’t know anyone else here except the horses we rode in on.” He pointed his thumb back to the barn they moved the horses into. “I don’t want to speak ill of any doctors for fear of falling ill myself,” he moved to the table in the center of the room, “but are you going to roll that buggy up to the castle and hope your mixes and potions aren’t burnt to a crisp along with your horses?” His palms slid open on the table, and he leaned forward. 

Hugh looked Raisor over for long enough that the others in the room could count the crashes of thunder. Hugh’s expression didn’t not change, only the location of his eyes. He scanned up Raisor’s body, and rested them on the blades at his back. Raisor could see the calculations running in his mind. They were the ones he did ever time he got too close to another man’s woman at the bar. Should he punch, kick, draw his blades, or run. Hugh grabbed his sleeves and began to efficiently roll them up his arm. He stopped both of them at his elbow. 

Strange black marks ran down both arms. They could see they want further up the army but stopped short of his wrists. They were thick, like paint, but detailed like a scalpel. From a distance they appeared to be the same; only, upon closer inspection was it clear they were not. The left arm had flowing, wave like lines cresting down. The right arm was more jagged and had lines that pivoted over curved. Olivier got close enough to gasp and almost fell out of his chair. “What is it?” Colt asked from a safe distance.

“It is nothing bad,” Hugh said.

“I can see where you get Darkflame from?” Evelyn said.

“They’re not bad,” Claudia said. “They’re just dangerous.” Siguard raised his shield.

“She means for me,” Hugh rolled his sleeves back down. 

“You did not let me finish my sentence,” Claudia said. “They’re healing magic.”

Siguard lowered his shield. “How is it dangerous then?” He asked. He placed his shield aside. 

“Well like Olivier said, embedding people with outside forces is a task. The body was not made to have magic inside of it. The more out of the normal the worse it will be. In this case I am removing harm done to a person,” Hugh held up his left hand, “and trapping it somewhere else.” He raised his right arm. “If I do too much of either it will tear my body apart to reach that equilibrium.” He interlinked his fingers and began trying to pull them apart.

“Okay, he’s up and up,” said Raisor. He turned to Evelyn. The other members of the room shifted their gaze in kind. 

Evelyn remained astute and poised. The gazes bounced off her. “I am the tactician as you can plainly see,” she said. 

“No you’re not,” Siguard said. His voice was ignored in favor of another question. 

“How exactly do you plan on doing that tacticianing when you can’t even get to a vantage point?” Raisor asked. 

“There are some ways to do it,” Evelyn said. 

“I think we’d like you to share that, Evelyn,” Hugh said. He finished straightening his sleeves out. 

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