Tainted Victory – Chapter 2, Part 5 (Page-a-Day)

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She looked pensively at the group of ruffians she found herself around. She then turned her gaze to the marked up map. She took the ink and drew two small squares near the top, or as close to the top as she could approximate. “I may have twisted the truth a knot,” she said. 

“That’s…” Raisor began before Hugh slapped him in the gut. 

“There is a second entrance into the castle. Not the castle proper, where the dragon dwells, but workers quarters. The soldiers domain. The slaves pigsty.” There is an entrance at the top of the castle. It can only be reached by climbing to the top, going through the soldier’s quarters, and eventually landing yourself in a walled off room with bars.”

“Sounds like a prison,” Olivier said.

“That’s cause it was.” 

“I mean you were a thief and assassin,” Raisor said. 

Evelyn flared at him as if she was about to stab him. Her fingers gingerly tapped the hilt of her knife. Raisor jingled his fingers and making them nimble. Evelyn scanned him once over before crossing her arms. “We have our plan in place. No need to know anything more at this time. Do we need to go over the plan again?” She looked over at Colt scratching Hounder’s underside. 

“No, I think we got our plan.”

“In that case we should all go and rest up,” Siguard said. He attached his sword to his waist and grabbed his shield. “We cannot all sleep in here, so I would recommend going somewhere else. We are not lacking houses to sleep in.”

“Sounds very chivalrous of you,” Evelyn said. 

“I am going to ignore a rude comment from such a rude woman and head to an adjacent house.”

“I suggest we meet up before dawn breaks,” Hugh said in an attempt to change the subject. “I have enough food in my cart to sustain us tomorrow morning. Afterwards we can simply split and go our separate ways.”

“Sounds like a reasonable plan,” Olivier said. 

“I have another hunt I must go on,” Claudia said. “Once this is wrapped up, I have my own journey.”

“You speak for us all,” Siguard said. He opened the door. The monsoon barreled through the doorway and drowned out any noise except the crashing wall of rain onto the wood and ground below. Siguard broke the wall and instantly vanished in the rain. 

“Someone should go with him,” Hugh said. “The other army might still be by, and the rain will make him vulnerable to attack. 

“Ha, I’ll go!” Goblet rested his axe upon his shoulder, and covered his head with part of his fur shirt. His footfalls on the mud splattered with the raindrop.

Raisor was the next one up to the door. “I’m going to go sleep with my horse. He doesn’t like thunderstorms much, and we rarely have a night alone. 

“Ahh, the smell of hay, horses, and fresh rainwater. That sounds like a nice evening,” Colt said. He pulled his hood up. The missing sun turned its forest green to a swampy sludge color. “I will join you.” He whistled. Hounder perked his head up, stretched and joined his master at his heel. 

“You do not need to do that,” Raisor waved his hands sideways. “The horses and I will be fine alone.”

“Oh I am quite sure of that.” Colt rested his hand on Raisor’s shoulder. “But it will still be nice to have a human to speak to, even if the animals are good listeners.”

“They’re not good conversationalists,” Evelyn added. She gave Raisor a curved smile.

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