Tainted Victory – Chapter 2, Part 7 (Page-a-Day)

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Evelyn leaned back in the seat. “It is not uncommon. A kingdom to the East once had a Loragon wipe out a kingdom at the behest of their current ruler.” 

“That is but a rumor run rampant.”

“Maybe. But it remains true that we have a dragon sleeping in there and we must complete our mission.”

“Yes, see that is also interesting.” Hugh rapped his fingers along the paper. “My mission isn’t to kill the dragon. At least not just that.”

“Makes sense. You are a doctor. Killing should be against your moral code.”

“It is against my moral code, yes. But it is also not what I mean. I was hired to stop the dragon and to protect any victims.”

“Sounds like the first thing again.”

“I may have misspoken. I was told by the person who hired me said that someone was hired to murder one of our compatriots here.”

Evelyn could not hide the shock. “Who do you think it is?”

“The victim of suspect?”

“I guess both is what I want.”

“Well I have neither.”

“Why would you tell me? I could be the killer. I could have been hired to kill you and you just told me you’ll have to stop me.” She lifted her arms and rested them on the table. “Or are you like the knight and think so little of women?” 

“No, you could be the killer. I could be wrong. However you made too much of an impression and are too quick to the knife. You’re an easy suspect, and most criminals try not to be.” He paused and smirked, thinking of the time he was robbed and tracked them easily because they glotted about it. “The smart ones anyway.”

“I’m more surprised you let on that you had an ulterior motive here.” She leaned back, and left her arms on the table to stretch them out.

“It’s to protect someone.”

“You’re not going to ask if I have one?” Evelyn cocked an eyebrow. 

“I know better than to ask such a thing. You want to tell, tell. But you play a lot close to the chest. I can already tell.”

Evelyn sighed. “Guilty I suppose. Only you’ll never know.”  She laughed at herself. They turned to look outside. The rain let up an ounce. “So we will need to be careful, and look out not just for us.” She looked over to Olivier and Claudia. Both of were covered in their blankets and laying down. “We will probably have to look out for Raisor.”

“Should I ask why you suspect that?”

“Just call it intuition.” The storm crashed just outside the house.

Raisor finished wringing out his shirt and tossing it over the side of the stable. The stable was for the commoners. It was long in order to accommodate the many horses the citizens had. What was left was nice. Sturdy wood, and full of hay. The other sides were charred and wrecked. Beams were tumbled end over end. Some unlucky horses were burnt to death by the dragon. Those less luck were crushed by the beams. Neither Raisor, or his reluctant roommate could look. 

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