HBO’s The Outsider Episode 2 Review

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There were a few things I was hoping to see going into this next episode, one of which was some more information as to the relationship between the detective and Terry. We learn pretty quick into the episode that Terry coached the detectives son and also helped him become better at playing. Like I said in my review of the first episode, it’s hard to believe that Terry would be the kind of guy that would commit such a malicious crime, but I also think there’s something going on that will prove that it really wasn’t him. 

This show takes a ballsy turn with this second episode. There’s a lot a show can do to really grab your attention and I think the show does it well in the first episode, but it was the shocking surprise in episode two that really shows how they want to test us as viewers. In the first half of the episode Terry is shot and killed by the young murdered boys brother. The brother is then shot and killed by the detective. It was a shocking scene that caught me off guard, and initially I thought well sure he’ll survive and everything will be fine. Ha ha, nope. Terry dies and now I have no idea how the rest of the show is going to go. 

Of course I fully expect the investigation to continue because the detective seems very much obsessed with the mystery at hand. It’s just going to be a bit tricky having already killed one of your main characters. It’s a testament to their gutsy approach of where to take this story. It’s either going to work really well or not and it’ll all depend on how the mystery unfolds and is further revealed to us. 

We learn a few new things like how the van was in Dayton when Terry and his family was there too, which adds another layer of mystery. We also learn that the only odd thing to happen to him is that he received a cut while visiting his father. It doesn’t seem that important, but I do expect it to be connected to everything that’s going on. I’m actually more curious about the youngest daughter who keeps talking about the man that’s standing there or stalking to her. 

I feel like it’s definitely the mystery disfigured hooded figure we keep seeing, but what is the connection to the family. What’s their intention of picking Terry and what exactly is the deal with it. The figure also appears near the house of where the last remaining member of the young boys family lives when he decides to try and hang himself. And why is it that just about everyone in that family is now dead minus the father? It seems strange that they would all die. 

I’m now wondering if there is a deeper connection between Terry’s family and the young boys family or maybe only one of the two families is a victim. Maybe the figure was only intending on affecting one family but had to bring in another family to have it done. Maybe Terry was just a victim of circumstance, but either way it’s the question of motive that keeps me interested. It’s the mystery as a whole that has been keeping me invested and excited to see what happens next. I do hope that they are able to keep up the quality for the remaining episodes. That is very much my biggest worry. 

I can’t wait to see the next episode and with this one I’d say the most memorable moment was the shocking shooting that takes one of our main characters out of the story. It was shocking and impactful, but risky. Let’s see if the story can live up to the risk. 

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