Tainted Victory – Chapter 3, Part 2 (Page-a-Day)

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The door budged another inch and Hounder took off into the castle. It’s leg flew through the courtyard, splattering mud out from all sides. He breached the door and disappeared into the darkness beyond the dragons head. 

“What’s the dog doing?” Claudia asked. 

“It should be providing a distraction,” Siguard said in a labored huff. “I don’t think I could take another hit of those flames.” The handle and metal around it glowed a familiar orange and yellow. 

The dragon’s head vanished into the inky black of the castle. Loud barks and growls filled the room and echoed out to the courtyard. A single spark from the dragon’s claw showed Hounder leaping over its slashed and digging into its scaly flesh. “Get’em Hounder!” Colt called putting. The door scraped another level of squishy mud away, and opened another couple inches. Claudia and Olivier cut behind the Siguard and Goblet to stand in the open space of the doorway. Colt whistled. Claudia shot her arrow; Olivier tapped the end of his staff. The arrow whizzed and exploded into a sun of flames. It illuminated the dragon’s head down to its pectorals. Olivier’s bolt followed a mirrored arc and expanded into a flashing bulb that lit the candles around the throne room. 

“Now!” Hugh said. 

Claudia entered first. She efficiently loaded and shot a number of flame arrows into the sky. They exploded into the similar suns. The dragon darted it’s eyes side to side to see them all. 

Olivier entered next. He chanted a quick incantation before slamming his staff into the tiled floor below. Ice expanded and grew out of the staff’s bass like vines. It quickly ensnared dragon in a circle of jagged ice and rock. The dragon flicked its tail against the pillars only to be deflected and leave no mark on face. 

Goblet and Raisor ducked in. Goblet took the stairs to the left, and Raisor the right. They disappeared quickly. This appeared to anger the dragon. It clicked its mouth again. “Flames incoming,” Claudia called out. 

The dragon blasted out a wall of fire from his mouth and lungs. Siguard rushed in. He held up his shield and slammed it down in the opening in the ice. The flames bounced off the curved metal to bake the wall a soot black, and melt the ice beneath. Siguard’s mud caked feet slid back as the flames grew in strength. The blaze weakened to a spark. The dragon screeched a ruckus yell that shook the chandeliers above. 

“He’s mad,” Claudia said. 

“That is what we wanted,” Siguard said.

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