Tainted Victory – Chapter 3, Part 3 (Page – a – Day)

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Hugh and Colt entered last. Colt whistled. Hounder bounded over the wall of ice and circles around his owners legs. Hugh got a chance to look around the throne room to get a sense of his surroundings. The throne room was a large, open structure with the thrones by the back against the stained windows. Bricks and tapestry lined the left wall, while open doorways lined the right. Banisters rose to the roof, with walkways run across to both sides of the castle. It was indeed massive. The dragon’s body too was massive. It stood two floors high with its neck and head crested the third level of the castle. Above it swung heavy chandeliers with its candles all ablaze thanks to Olivier’s magic. The ice wall kept it closed in and away from the perfectly straight brickwork along the walls. Even from his distance he could see the throne itself was cooked to non-existence. A small pile of golden crowns and trinkets were arranged in a small, for the dragon’s size, bundle. Each flick of its tail and strike of its claws against the ice made the floor jingle with riches. 

The dragon reared himself up and made the same clicking noise. The glow filled its belly. neck and went down to its belly. It angled its head upward toward the ascending heroes. “Watch out!” Hugh yelled. He pointed at the dragon’s predicted arc of fire. Claudia loaded a different arrow into her bow and fired it. The dragon let loose with another blast of flames. The flames expanded and collided with the rising arrow. The arrow blasted a radiant sky colored light that became a solid solid wall of ice. The flames intercepted the ice wall. Raisor and Goblet ducked behind the thick walls. The ice flew back and smashed against the second floor wall. The flames splattered weakly. A rouge flare singed the thick coat of fur along Goblet’s arm. Smoke rose and gave away his position. 

The dragon gave another hissing growl and raised its wings into the air. He began to flap them back and forth. The wind picked up gradually at first before letting loose forceful gusts. The wall of ice started to shake and fragment. The smoke giving away Goblet wafted back, along with Goblet, who rolled backward. Colt and Hounder sucked below the ice wall. Olivier and Claudia collected their ice along the floor to craft a wall, keeping them in place. Siguard lifted his shield. He felt a burst of pressure against the metal. He looked around to see near-imperceptible blades swirling and slicing the thick walls with thin cuts. 

“We won’t be able to move forward until we stop his wings!” Hugh yelled over the gale. 

“I can fix that.” Siguard said. He adjusted his grip to make his sword into javelin. He arched his arm backward and hurled it with full force. 

The sword flew for a few seconds before being pushed backward. Oliver placed a hand around the top of his staff. He chanted an incantation. A tornado shot out of the staff, smashed against butt of the sword. The sword was consumed by the tornado and quickly pierced its way through the gale and into center mass of the wing. The wing was torn to shreds and the gale’s strength reduced to nothing. 

The dragon gave a vengeful screech. The screech turned fiery, and erupted into bursts of flames. The flames flew wildly and melted more of the ice around it. “We definitely made it mad,” Raisor said.

“Very so! That ice will not hold too much. I will end it quickly!” Goblet said. He twirled his axe and stepped into the railing that separated the second floor from the throne room. “Watch yourself below!” He raised his axe up his head and took the step off. 

Goblet dropped in free fall. His fur clothing and armaments flapped wildly on the descent. He pulled his axe back a few inches further before slashing it downward. The blade split the air and cut deep into the dragon’s neck. It’s blood splattered out as a spicy liquid, burning Goblet’s hands. Goblet fell onto the mass of neck. He tried to pull it free. The screeches from the dragon filled his ears. The dragon then began to wriggle and squirm. It shook its neck violently from side to side. Goblet held onto the handle tight. His muscles bulged to keep him in place. “This was not the plan,” Goblet said. He attempted to squat and pull the blade out. “Can I get a help? Maybe that wing thing again would be nice!” He tried to remove the axe again. The blade squished meat and blood out. He could feel it stuck in the dragon’s bones.

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