Tainted Victory – Chapter 3, Part 4 (Page-a-Day)

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“Do you have any ideas?” Siguard said.

“I’m not sure,” Hugh said. 

“Where is that dark clothed woman?” Olivier asked.

“Yes! Where is that Evelyn?” Colt asked. Hounder even waved his nose in the air a few times to sniff out her scent. 

“We have to trust her plan,” Hugh said. “And work on a plan to free Goblet.” 

“Trust her plan? We are facing something far bigger. She must be here,” Siguard said. 

“Easy to say when you are out a sword,” Claudia said. 

“You should be like a dog, like Hounder.” Colt scratched his ear. “They got weapons everything they can get them. Just engenius really.”

“Sure,” Siguard said. “Does not answer where our temptress could be.”

Claudia looked at the excited dog, then back to the dragon, then back to the dog again. “I got it!” Claudia said. She loaded her bow with two more arrows. “When I fire these Hounder will take off. He can scale the dragon, right? Climb it?”

“Well of course. He’s a born hunter!”

“Good. He will assist Goblet in the removal of his weapon. Once they are both clear I will shoot a storm arrow to injure the dragon and give them an escape plan.” Claudia raised her crossbow at the dragon’s eyes. She fired the arrows. Hounder ran along the stone floor, leapt onto the icy wall, crawled over the wall, leapt off from its base, and ran up the dragon. The arrows erupted into sunshine. 

The dragon writhed in pain and continued to try and tear Goblet away from him. “I think this must be what sea sickness is like,” Goblet said. His brow had pooled with sweat and his body began to turn pale. He looked and saw Hounder tearing his claws into the scales of the dragon and run his way up. “That is one good boy!” Hounder leapt forward, teeth first and grabbed the handle of the axe. The dragon swung his neck to and fro. The glowing flames built up in his chest. Goblet twisted his hands around the handle; Hounder bit down and they pulled. The dragon blasted out a wall of fire. It reached the ceiling. Goblet felt the blade slip out of the bone and then fly back like it had bounced off a wall. Gravity did the rest and sent him falling backwards.

Olivier casted a spell and a small current of wind rushed to his back and let him down. Goblet laughed and looked at his blade. It was speckled with black scorch marks that reached down to the top of the handle. He looked up. The dragon peered down and began to flick another fire in his belly. The dragon fired his blast. Goblet rolled off his back and got hit the splash damage of the flames. The breathe followed him. “Don’t you all have another part of the plan?”

“On it!” Claudia shot another arrow. The sharp head stabbed into the dragon’s meat. Goblet dodged away from the curving blaze. It melted the ice wall to a puddle. “C’mon,” Claudia said to herself. A shock of blue light came from the arrow. The blue light traveled through the dragon’s body’s The dragon’s breath became a roar of anger and pain. Goblet used the lack of fire to hop the small hole in the ice wall to safety. Hounder followed behind him.

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