Tainted Victory – Chapter 3, Part 5 (Page-a-Day)

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“That was exhilarating!” Goblet stretched his arms and waist. “I might go again!”

“I like your enthusiasm, but if your axe won’t slay it I doubt Raisor’s blades will do the deed.”

“Do we have any other ideas?” Siguard said. 

“I’m running low on arrows.” Claudia raised her quiver. Only a handful remained. “I have my short sword but that only works against other magic users and normal people.” She looked at the dragon. “Not this beast.” 

“Can you blast the dragon with big energy like she did?” Goblet asked Olivier. 

“I can, but energy like that would take a while to build.” 

“I would say to start it. It’s our best chance,” Hugh said. 

“Someone should tell Raisor he’s going to kill himself,” Siguard said. 

“And quick,” Claudia pointed up to the top level. Raisor stood on the railing like Goblet had. His hands were empty. 

“Oh lord,” Hugh said. 

The dragon looked up to Raisor but seemed to ignore him and turned to the ice wall. His belly clicked and flicked again. His belly expanded to a large pot of flames and heat. The dragon planted his claws deep into the ground and let out a blazing roar. The flames clashed with the ice. The wall turned a bright yellow. The yellow light reflected against the entrance. A hole began to form; water dripped and pooled on the ground. “We’ll need to move!” Hugh said. They ducked to the side pillars. Hugh clung to the brickwork. The flames pierced the wall and cooked the metal door behind them. The dragon started to oscillate the fire side to side. The flames heated the rocks and burn. Hugh yanked his arms away. Steam and redness radiant from his arms. 

“What is that idiot doing?” Siguard said from the far side of the throne room.

Raisor leapt from the railing. He arched through the air to grab one of the thick metal chandelier rings. His body dangled below, close to an imminent demise. He flexed his torso and pulled his legs high enough to step into the metal. His movements gave off a loud jangling. The dragon looked toward the sound. Raisor stood tall. His feet were hooked onto the top of the chandelier and he held the chain to keep him steady. “Oh buddy, don’t look up here.” He grabbed his knife. The dragon kept his gaze on him. He looked around to go over his options. He used the butt of the knife to scratch his eyebrow. He wiggled the chain in his other hand, and shook the structure with his waist. It creaked and squeaked with the motion. He looked at the deep gash along the dragon’s neck. Deep in the leaking gash was a fragment of visible bone. The dragon exhaled plums of smoke from his nostrils. “Yep,” Raisor said. He hurled the knife at the dragon. The blade flew true and right into the dragon’s eye. It screamed in pain. It’s acidic blood melted the hilt. It spat sparks at him, but missed him to the left.

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