Tainted Victory – Chapter 3, Part 6 (Page-a-Day)

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Raisor removed one of his blades and twirled it in his hand. He let go of the chain, pirouetted around the back of the chandelier. It swung out with the change in movement. He then cut through the metal chain with his blade in a single slice. The chandelier careened through the air and down to the gash and exposed bone. The thick rim of the heavy structure tore through the gash, smashed into the bone, shattering it, and cleaving straight through it. Raisor hopped off the back of chandelier and slid down the cool scales and onto the floor. He stepped off like a raindrop leaving a stone. He grabbed Siguard’s broadsword. It was weighted heavier than most. 

The dragon spasmed for a minute before collapsing to the ground in as lump of scaled flesh, and bulk. 

The rest of the team emerged from behind the pillars. Claudia held her crossbow up, toward the dragon. “Is the thing dead?”

“It’s head is cut pretty clean off,” Raisor turned to look at his work. He rested his hands at his hips in an impressed manner. The broadsword scrapped against the stone.  “So I would say yes.” He tossed the large sword to Siguard. 

The mass of dragon twitched and sent a splattering of corrosive acid over the stones. Claudia clicked her trigger. The arrow flicked out to fly true, but was stopped before leaving the wood by Hugh’s grip. “Sorry,” Claudia said. She grabbed the arrow to slide into her quiver and lowered her bow. “Just a bit jumpy. Nothing has taken that much damage before.” She looked to the rest of the group. “Nothing I’ve seen before anyway.”

“Yeah, must dragons. Actually animals really go through that movey, twitchy, random stutter phase when their head is…” Colt motioned a head being chopped off move. “It is efficient, but mighty, mighty violent.” 

The dragon’s singular wing flapped furiously. It kicked up a quick gust of wind, and acted like a soul trying to tear itself away from the mortal coil. Claudia jumped. Hounder’s hackles shot up, and bore his full teeth in rage. His bark began to fill the room. “Hush, Hounder,” Colt said. “You’ve seen worse than this before.” He began to rub his head. The hackles slowly fell away. 

“He’s dead!” Raisor said. He casually stepped to the side and removed his knife from the dragon’s eye. A thick, gooey sludge dripped from the puncture in the eye. Raisor slid his foot out of the way in a smooth motion. He looked at his blade. It’s previously silver color turned a harsh black, with messy splashes. He wiped it clean on his pants. They cinged loudly in contact. He acted like he didn’t notice and slipped it back into its sheath. “See, dead.” 

“Darn, seems I missed all the fun,” said the seductive and sly voice of Evelyn. Raisor, and Siguard readied their weapons and pointed their blades her way. She gingerly raised her hands to be even with her shoulders. “Now hold on boys…”

“You can hold the dragon’s…” Raisor began until Siguard cut in. 

“Where were you?” He asked. He took a single step to her. 

“Oh getting a good bath in? Where do you think?”

“Hiding like the cat you are,” Raisor said. 

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