Tainted Victory – Chapter 3 Conclusion (Page-a-Day)

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Evelyn smiled. “Oh that talk might get you something, stabby pants.” She began to put her hands down. Raisor took a step closer. She rose them again. “Okay, okay. I got a bit lost along the way to the mission. They must have done some work since the last time I was here.”

“Ah huh,” Siguard mused. 

“Makes sense,” Olivier said. “Those kings get tired of the castle’s look every other moon. They get to renovate. The rest have to look at the same wall their whole life.”

“Sure,” Raisor said. 

“Look.” She gave up he rouse and drew her knife in a single blink of an eye. “I use a tiny blade here.” She waved it to the dragon’s corpse. “Clearly I would have been a ton of help with the whole slaying thing.” She sheathed her blade. “Happy?”

Both men looked at each other before following suit. “No,” Siguard said. He walked passed her, making sure to cut close enough to slam his shoulder against her own. “You can take care of the inventory then. I’m sure your tiny dagger will be loads of help with that. I’m getting an ale.”

“I know a place or two I can stab this knife!” Evelyn’s rise did not work. He kept his back to her and disappeared into the kitchen. 

“I will join you!” Goblet hoisted his axe and caught up with the dragon slayer.

“We better get started with the inventory,” Olivier said. “I don’t want to be up too late counting some stuck up counts coin.” He shuffled to the golden coins and jewels that made up the dragon’s nest. Siguard, Claudia, and Colt all gave Evelyn a glare or two before getting to work. 

Evelyn shifted her gaze to Hugh. She wiggled her brow and made a series of eye darts and half mouth movements. Hugh lowered his hand down and stepped to her. She gave an exhausted sigh and shake of her head. Hugh shrugged, then slid his hands into his pockets. They both looked at the horde of riches the dragon accumulated. It’s neck wound smelted all the gold beneath it into a solid glob. 

“I’ve seen more,” Evelyn said. She crossed her arms. 

“Of course you have,” he chuckled to himself at the more than likely true idea of that. “I’m just more glad I didn’t have to heal anyone.” 

“You sound like a horrible doctor.” 

“And you sound like a horrible thief, and liar!” He turned to face her. “Got lost? Renovations since last. You sounded like a kid getting caught with his hands in their mums purse.”

“That sounds too specific to be just a random example. Who were you before the studious doctor I see?” Her eyes gazed into his. She took a scoot closer to him. 

“Ohh will you two stop peacocking with your dumb quips and get your asses over here and help! I have literally never seen so many riches and do not know what to do!” Claudia exclaimed. Her fists were full of gold coins. So full that many clattered to the ground and rang out like a bell. 

“Go help her.” Hugh pointed to the red head. “You’ve seen less, so this should be an easy day.” 

“Oh shove your,” in lieu of a comeback she waved her wrist at him. 

More coins dripped from her hands and clattered onto the pile. The noise was another ringing bell. The ringing of a temporary, hollow victory.

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