Tainted Victory – Chapter 4, Part 1 (Page-a-Day)

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Chapter 4: The Death 

The storm picked back up into a manifestation of God’s wrath as the day went on, and the party counted every single coin, diamond, jewel, engraving, and shiny spoon in the pile. During the process Goblet, Siguard, and Raisor removed the fallen chandelier, decapitated head, and bone fragments of the dragon in order to count the gold. “It feels like we should do a prayer or something for the beast,” Goblet said. He peeled the golden glob and looked deep into the exposed bone and soon-rotting flesh of the dragon. “It was not doing anything outside of its nature if you think about it.” He handed they glob to Siguard. 

Siguard removed his broadsword, placed the glob of gold on the ground, then hacked away. He made his cuts and slashed along the kingdom’s crested symbol to indicate the number of countable coins in the pile. “You are sounding like the leaf head. It attacked the village, ransacked the castle, and took their gold.” He heaved his last slash, then returned his sword to its scabbard. “Eighteen, nineteen, twenty…” His voice droned out with sea humans point of the coin faces present. “Twenty seven. We got twenty seven gold here.” Evelyn made note in a ledger she procured from the king’s financial advisor. The three picked up the gold and moved it to the pile. “It might be in its nature, but it still did hurt people. That’s not acceptable.”

“I agree,” Goblet said. He dropped his gold onto the ever accumulating pile. 

“Then why go all animal nonsense?” Siguard made extra noise when he released his coins. 

“It’s just not natural.”

“Oh dragons are natural,” Raisor said. He juggled a couple pieces of the glob between his fingers. He kept them between his fingers a couple seconds too long before tossing them with the rest.

“I don’t mean that. It’s more just the way we done did him in.” 

“You started the cut along the neck thing,” Raisor said. He made a chopping motion to the back of his head. “If not for you I couldn’t finish him off.” 

“Sure, but we destroyed its poor wing. I’ve only seen wild beasts do things like that to one another.”

“Quick thinking,” Siguard said. “You haven’t been in war much have you Cup?”


“While you three are having a nice chatty-chat, why not move the dragon’s body so we can get the stuff under him,” Evelyn said. She emphasized her suggestion with a click of her quill against the ledger. 

“Don’t say anything,” Siguard said before Raisor was able to craft any kind of comeback. 

“Fine,” Raisor said. He looked over the carcass. He placed his hands along its chest and gave a couple infectual pushes.

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