HBO’s Avenue 5 Episode 2 Review

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Where to start…I have no idea still how I feel about this show and whether or not I actually like it. I remember suing the same thing after watching episode 1 and I still feel the same after episode 2. This is such a unique and different kind of show that really knows how to execute a lot of things right while at the same time making me feel like they’re executing everything trying to branch out and give different shows a chance and this one being on HBO is really what’s keeping me on board. HBO is known for its quality programming and while it has had its handful of missteps, I’m not sure yet if this is one of those and I may not be sure until the season is up. I’d be curious to see what the actual ratings are for it to see if it’s something that a lot of people came back for with episode 2. 

The comedy is definitely a specific style and taste that only works for someone that appreciates and understands what they’re going for. I can’t say that I don’t see what they’re going for because I understand their approach, but I’m just not sure if it’s working for me or not. There are several shows where I know that it’s funny and that a lot of people like the comedy involved like say Family Guy, but in the end it usually doesn’t work for me as a whole. Something about this show feels like a side series in the Family Guy world. It just feels like a live action Family Guy episode just without any of the characters from the show. I may be the only one that feels this way, but I think it ultimately boils down to the specific type of comedy they’re trying to go for. 

This episode continues where we left off and continues the whole thing of what the situation would be like if everything went the wrong way and if you didn’t have competent people in charge. I swear, the more I talk about it, the more I really feel like this is the same vein of comedy that Family Guy and American Dad go for. If not for the over the top stupidity of some of the characters, then it’s just the fact that they can’t get anything to go the way they want. It also kind of feels like the show Last Man on Earth. It’s a quirky style of comedy that makes me laugh but I don’t necessarily feel much smarter watching it. I’m not saying the show is dumb or goes for that kind of demographic, but it kind of feels like a dumb comedy. Not dumb as in bad, but dumb as in silly or over the top. 

I will admit that there were times where I found myself enjoying it and laughing like when they shoot the bodies out, but rather them being sent away from the ship, they actually end up orbiting it. A lot of that clever comedy though is ruined by some stupid comedy like when one of the passengers says that they’re zombies. There are a lot of moments when the show really hits the right note on the comedy, but then hurts itself by throwing in another joke that just doesn’t work along with the main joke. It’s a weird balance that again I know will work for some people but ultimately loses me in enjoying the moment. The problem I run into when deciding whether I like it or not tends to come down to the fact that even though the comedy doesn’t always work, the actual intelligence of what they do works. 

I want to make it clear that I’m not calling the show dumb, but that some of the comedy comes off as dumb. The point I’m trying to make regarding its intelligence is surprisingly how much sense it actually makes when you take into account the characters and story that it’s actually set up. For example, they make a point of saying how much heavier that golden casket is and since it wasn’t shot out with enough force, it actually didn’t go far and ended up in the ships orbit. Scientifically I don’t know how accurate it is, but I found myself thinking that it actually makes some sense in a certain way. Or another example is how Josh Gad’s character Judd, decides to tell NASA to go f themselves and that they have their own plan. Now I don’t think that’s a good idea, but they stay true to that character and it actually does make sense for him to do something like that. 

I have to say that the performances are surprisingly good despite being a little over the top. I still think Hugh Laurie is my favorite part and I can’t get enough of him, but everyone else hams it up enough for me to enjoy the performances overall. I’m still not sure whether I’m on board with this show, but again find myself pushed to next week to see how Episode 3 turns out. For some reason I feel inclined to see where this story goes just for the entertainment of the absurdity. There are certain moments that I find hilarious and other moments that just don’t work at all. There’s a lot this show has some well so far by actually making actions and events make sense in regards to what they’ve set up, but I think it needs more work before I can make a judgement. I think I may end up finding myself watching the rest of the season saying that I’ll keep giving it another episode but for now I’m going to stay mixed overall with the first two episodes. 

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