Tainted Victory – Chapter 4, Part 2 (Page-a-Day)

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“You’ll have to roll it toward you from the other side,” Goblet said. He picked up his axe and walked around to the far side. 

Siguard followed. “So no wars for you?”

“None I would say that are official like yours would be.” Goblet stopped on the broad side, took a long draw back before swinging forward and jabbed the blade into its body. “Just trolls and other assorted terrors.”

“Would you say they were doing what their nature was?” Siguard stabbed his sword deep into the broadside. 

“I suppose. Raisor,” he called, “get your twin swords here to roll him!” 

“I’m coming.” Raisor grunted, climbed onto the dragon’s mass, then slid down the other side. He gave a preformative twirl before stabbing his twin swords into the mass. The other men sighed. 

“On three,” Goblet said. “One, two, three!” The three men yanked down on the handles of their weapons. The only movement they could feel were the blades sliding through the meat. Raisor’s swords were the first to cut through the flesh before slicing out. Gobelt’s axe was next. Siguard was the last. He twisted his sword deeper. It didn’t work. The sword flew out and he stumbled back. Goblet looked at the freshly mutilated flesh wall. “Oh, right.”

Raisor and Siguard looked at him. “‘Oh, right,’ what?” Raisor asked.

“Someone has to push from the other side!” 

“Great,” Raisor moaned. He cleaned his blades off and returned them to his back. “Hey, Evelyn? Would you like to help us move this beast?”

“I’m busy,” her voice said from the other side of the dragon. 

Claudia approaches Evelyn from the kitchen. “How are the things going out here?”

“Oh men being men,” Evelyn said. She took a note down in her ledger, then closed it. 

“I’d like to see you try to move this!” Raisor said.

“Just scrape the coins from under its belly,” Claudia said. “Everything else is just the sunk cost of a dragon invading.”

“Where is my helper!” Olivier poked his head out of the kitchen. “Oh there you are!” He moved to the doorway. He no longer wore his robes. He was in a tan shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and brown pants. “We were working on conjuring up some food for the lot of us.”

“I needed a break,” Claudia said. “There are only so many times you can tell me to tap into the fire within me before the fire is going to just make my blood boil.”

“It’s not that hard. We are all people of fire. That is what makes us, us. The ability to produce fire.”

“Is that the mage?” Siguard asked. 

“Yes,” Olivier replied. 

“Can you use your wind magics to help push this dragon on to its side,” Siguard asked. 

“Don’t help,” Claudia said. “Just scrape what bits you can and leave the rest.”

“Ha! You know just as little about royalty as you do magic,” Olivier said. “Kings want to keep their riches. 

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