HBO’s The Outsider Episode 4 Review

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We left off last week’s episode with the death of a prison inmate, rather his suicide. My thoughts were that it seemed obvious that he also wasn’t actually responsible for the murder of the kids he was convicted of and that he was connected somehow to everything else going on. My biggest question was what connection that was and seemingly had something to do with Terry being in Dayton. Well this episode gives us a lot and more as we delve deeper into this strange mystery. 

I’ll just get right into the connective points that we learned. It’s evident by Holly’s investigation that she has come to realize what we all had assumed. It appears that the prisoner, Heath, was wrongly convicted for the murders of the kids. Not only that, but he also had come into contact with Terry, or what I now assume to be the strange being that is going around impersonating all of these people. We also learn that Heath was in New York at one point that led to his connection to a woman who was found guilty of child murders also. All of this comes together to form one clear picture, that all of these people have been wrongfully convicted of murder and appear to all have a doppelgänger. 

It’s also evident that the doppelgänger is not more than one person, but rather someone who can change their appearance to whomever they decide. The one connective thing that all three of these convicted people have in common was that they all received some kind of scratch from the doppelgänger of the previous person. The question that we have yet to get an answer to is what exactly that scratch does. Is it the scratch causing blood that gives the being the ability to turn into that person? That’s what I believe and what seems to be the case. A lot of the questions we had were answered in this episode but we still have many questions that are left unanswered.  

We still don’t know why the being is targeting these people specifically and why they’re killing children. Are they just a victim of wrong place at the wrong time or is there more to the story. The one thing in common that I see is that the being is smart enough to not stay in one place too long. It picks people that seem to only be at a certain location for a short period of time. Whether it be Heath who was visiting New York or Terry who was visiting Dayton. This makes me think that the being knows who he’s trying to copy and is also following them to their hometowns, but the question is why. On the surface it doesn’t appear that anything is actually connecting these false convicts other than say the scratch, but there definitely seems to be something else that is connecting them, I just can’t figure out what exactly. 

The other interesting aspect is how the being itself seems to be like a parasite, metaphorically speaking of course. With his arrival to each place though comes a sense of depression or despair leading to more deaths or suicides for those who are connected to either the murderer or the victims. My question in the previous reviews was whether or not they were also being controlled somehow by the being or if it was simply out of pure emotional feeling. I can’t tell yet if he is actually controlling them to commit these acts of death and murder or if is presence actually pushes people to do the things they do. It does seem however that he has a certain extent of control over people as we can see with Jack. I’m not sure what exactly he’s doing in the woods with the lights and deer but he’s definitely under the control of this being. 

He’s not the only one I feel is under control or was under control at a time. I think the brother of the kid that “Terry” killed who ended up killing Terry was also under the control of the being. I’m not sure though if that comes down to him actually being controlled like Jack, or if by the depression or despair that seems to come off of the beings presence, or if he was actually just committing revenge. It’s all, not confusing, but up in the air as to what exactly is being affected or is connected. That’s the real proof of just how great the mystery is and how well written it is both by the screenwriter and by Stephen King himself. It’s been a while since I’ve been this deep into trying to figure out what’s going on and how everything will play out. 

One thing I really enjoyed was how the episode was primarily focused on Molly and how she went about learning more as we learned with her. I can say that Cynthia Erivo is absolutely killing it in the role by giving us a very unique and interesting character. One thing that goes hand in hand with her character is the sense of not being able to trust anyone. She’s having to investigate while also keeping herself quiet and it’s a recurring point of everyone not wanting to talk to reporters and some thinking she’s a reporter. I think it’s curious how the show really leans into making you feel like you can trust anyone because of this doppelgänger being, the same way that someone can’t trust another person not being a reporter. We get two different perspectives on the same feeling but for different reasons. 

I think my final theory coming out of this episode is not anything to do with why everyone is connected, but I think that at some point, Molly will come in contact with this being and will be scratched. I think that as she gets deeper into the mythology of what this being could be and the closer she gets to figuring out what it is and where it is will lead her into running into the actual being. I think there’s a strong possibility that she ends up face to face with her own doppelgänger by the end of the series. Keep in mind that I have no knowledge of the book and have kept away from any spoilers coming out of the book so any theories I have may sound crazy but may end up being right. I’m excited to see how this whole story plays out. 

With all of that said, I continue to enjoy the series very much and it has continued to get better and better as the mystery unravels and becomes more mysterious. If you’ve seen the episode and have any comments, questions or theories then make sure to comment below or email us at and make sure to follow us @TowerCityMedia on Facebook and Twitter! 

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