Grey’s Anatomy Is My #1 “Hate Watch” Show – Seasons 1-3(ish)

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Just like most people, I’ve heard of Grey’s Anatomy for most of my life, but never found a real interest in actually watching it. It seemed like just some silly soap opera about a bunch of surgeons with no real substance. The demographic from my experience is primarily female and I’ve heard for years that I should give it a shot, but I’ve always leaned towards saying no ad that I just have no interest. It wasn’t until recently after finally succumbing to my girlfriends obsession with the show, that I finally took some time to watch a few episodes. I remember those episodes being somewhere around season 12 or 13, so I didn’t know exactly what was going on with each character or who has already had sex with who, so I got talked into starting from the very beginning with season 1.

Look, I was more than ready to give up on this show and throw it away in my personal mental trashcan, but season one actually starts a bit more tamed than the later season where I got my first taste of the show. It’s immediately clear that the show is very much a soap opera in the wrappings of a hospital drama. In the beginning we’re introduced to our interns who we will follow as they gain more experience. This was also a shortened season that seemed more of a test for where the direction of the series would go in the future seasons. My most noticed change was the character of Karev. He comes off as a real dick early on, but going into season 2, his character is altered slightly to be somewhat more compassionate and not so far a dick as he was in season 1. It was very reminiscent of season one of The Office. Other than Karev, O’Malley and Yang were the real highlights. Meredith, the star of the series, was good, but just didn’t feel as strong through these first few episodes.

Season 2 brought on the real drama of the show as it delved into the real soap opera like storytelling. We find out that Derek is married to Addison, but that she cheated on him, but he ends up picking her over Meredith. If you’re someone that has never watched this show for this specific reason and I’ve lost you then I’m sorry. This love triangle between Derek, Meredith, and Addison stretches through the whole season and is absolutely the worst and dumbest plot line through the whole season. Every character seems to take steps forward into growing and becoming better versions of themselves in a certain sense or expanding their range of acting except for these three. I can hear the arguments that Meredith has her moments in this season, but overall I just feel like she was a pain to watch in this triangle. The real highlights were the bomb in the chest episodes and the end of the season with Denny. Overall the season ended on a note where I told myself that I would keep watching for only a few more episodes to see of it gets better.

I have not completed season 3 yet, but if you’re familiar with the show then I just finished the three episodes centered on the ferry incident and Meredith drowning. I was going to wait until I finished this season before writing up a review of the first three seasons, but I got to this point and just had to type this out now. In my next review of the next few seasons, I will be sure to wrap up how this season ended, but I really needed to write this now. The season seemed to start off a bit slow with love triangles and stupid romance drama everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE. It was so much that I kept rolling my eyes and calling everyone stupid. I didn’t think that could be topped until we got to the ferry episodes. These episodes were so strong and so good for every single character except for Meredith. They have her accidentally pushed into the freezing cold water and staying under for god knows how long, not having a heartbeat for what felt like forever, and still somehow brought back to life.

These episodes frustrated me so much, because of how unnecessary Meredith’s storyline was and how much I just didn’t believe everything that happened. It was all completely over the top and made no sense when sit down and really think about it. It’s all used for the drama of almost losing a main character, but it’s done in such an over the top way that I kept getting frustrated at the TV. It’s unfortunate that they had to resort to telling this kind of lame and nonsensical story with one of our main characters, when the rest of the episodes revolving around the ferry incident were so good. Everyone had a chance to shine in their own ways, but all of it was brought down by how dumb I felt Meredith’s storyline was. These episodes are why I’m writing this so soon and why I am now considering this my #1 hate watch show.

If you aren’t familiar with what a “hate watch” is, it’s essentially watching a show that you know is dumb or has bad characters or bad writing but just love to watch it to see what comes next. A “hate watch” can be interpreted differently person to person since it depends on the actual reasons why they watch it and why they hate it. For me, there are several characters in this show that I really like and so many that I hate, there are some episodes that are very good, and others that are incredibly stupid. I’m so back and forth with whether to give up on this show or not because I know how stupid it really seems and how frustrated I get from the stupidity. With that said, there’s something about it that makes me keep coming back to watch the next episode, despite always telling myself that I’m going to quit.

I think it boils down to a few things as to why I continue to watch the show. As I said before, there are a lot of characters I like and some of which I know weren’t in the show when I first got a taste in season 12 or 13. Therefore, I want to see where these characters continue to go and how they end up off the show. I want to see what will happen next with these characters and if they’ll take some kind of unexpected turn. This also goes hand in hand with some of the incredibly stupid storytelling that comes in this show. I know that for the most part if a character goes for some kind of turn or has something happen to them, it’s typically a dumb reason but also sometimes good.

GREY’S ANATOMY “Testing 1-2-3” Season 3 Episode 24 MAY 10 2007 JUSTIN CHAMBERS

If you can’t tell by my back and forth in trying to figure out why I think certain things are good and why other things are bad, then here’s me telling you that I have a love hate relationship with this show that I’ve never had with anything before. Look, for the demographic they’re aiming for, this show hits every nail on the head and is quite good. It knows how to create drama and keep you on your toes with what’s going to happen to these characters. It’s about your love of the characters that really effects how good the show is. On top of that, it really does well in giving you some cool surgical cases that may end up saving an episode for you if the character drama isn’t working well. Despite my personal love/hate relationship with it, the show does do a lot of things very well and has a pretty balanced control over its storytelling and direction.

As I said before, I haven’t yet finished season three, but I’m almost there and I’ll cover that in my next review of the next few seasons. Up to this point though, I will admit that the show does do a lot of things well and I can easily see how it appeals to so many people. I will still continue saying that this show is 100% my #1 hate watch show. I absolutely hate that I continue to watch this show because it doesn’t work for me, but at the same time it does work for me. Even though I continue to tell myself that I’ll quit watching, I still end up going right back to it and I feel that I will most likely end up watching the rest of the series going forward and will continue this love/hate relationship I have with it. I will of course recommend this show to anyone that seems even remotely in the demographic their aiming for, but for those like me who kept writing it off, at least give it a shot and tell me what you think so I don’t feel completely crazy.

****Late note, currently watching while typing this, but….ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????? O’MALLEY HAD SEX WITH IZZY!??? COME ONNNNNNNN……WHYYYYYYYY********

If you’ve seen up to this point then make sure to comment below or send an email to make sure to not spoil anything that happens in later season, only keep it to the first three seasons. Also make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter @TowerCityMedia

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