Tainted Victory – Chapter 5, Part 1 (Page-a-Day)

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Chapter 5 – The Discovery 

Hounder’s cries mixed with the crashing of the sky awoke the castle. There may or may not have been some profane laiden calls to shut up, but everyone did eventually walk or stumble their way down the stone hallways and stairs to the throne room. Oliver and Claudia threw their fire light the candles around the room. The brightening lights mixed with strobes of lightning  revealed Raisor’s corpse. 

Raisor was splayed out on his back. His arms were outstretched. His palms were facedown and touching the stone beneath him. His legs were a shoulder width apart. Those were not the obvious things. What was most obvious was that his knife was no longer in its sheath, but was instead plunged to the hilt in his stomach. His swords were still attached to his back. His blood pooled out from the wound, into the cracks of the stone and out to the stairs and entrance of the castle. The expression on his face was one of wide shocked eyes and a grin of bemusement. 

“Holy…” was the first word Claudia, and really any of the party said. She cupped her mouth and took a step. “He’s dead!”

“Let me check,” Hugh said. He took a long step over a blood puddle to the body. 

“No you don’t,” Siguard said. He extended a hand. That was when everyone noticed they were still in their nighttime wear. Siguard had on a simple shirt and loose pants. 

“I’m a doctor it is my job to check.” Hugh pointed to his body. He was in a longer shirt with sleeves and pants. “He could be breathing and alive and we’re not helping him.”

“Oh son, he is dead,” Olivier said. He didn’t seem to be wearing anything different, just his bright purple robe. “I’ve seen enough battlefield corpses to say that.”

“As have I,” Siguard said. 

“Fine, but we should move the body then,” Hugh said. 

“We shouldn’t just leave him there,” added Evelyn.

“I’m sure you’d like that,” Siguard said. “The both of you would like that.”

Hugh and Evelyn looked at each other. They quickly cycled through fear, confusion, and understanding. Evelyn was the first to speak. “I’m not sure what you mean,” she said. She was in a black night dress to match her hair. 

“Oh do not start.”

“Hold on, hold on,” Colt said. “Why are we jumping on each other all ready. “Someone is dead.”

“We also have those Blues stationed right outside,” Olivier said. 

“Look,” Siguard pointed a thick finger into Evelyn’s face. “I saw you and the good doctor taking all secret, and it is no secret you had a disdain for Raisor.”

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