Tainted Victory – Chapter 5, Part 2 (Page-a-Day)

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“I don’t like you either,” Evelyn said.

“Evelyn!” Hugh said. 


“See,” Siguard said. 

“You’re not making yourself look any less suspicious,” Hugh said. 

Evelyn stepped forward. Her shoes broke through the frame separating the entrance from the throne room. Siguard repositioned him and blocked her. “You’re not going in there.” He looked to the rest of the party. “None of you are.”

“Well how’ll we know who staked him?” Claudia said, her hand raised in the air. 

“It’s Siguard who did it obviously,” Evelyn said. “Why else would he be the is keeping us from investigating it.”

“I’m keeping you guys from tampering with evidence! We will get the army in here to investigate.”

“Which army is that?” Evelyn asked. “The one outside who definitely want to cause us harm?”

“No, our army.”

“I don’t think that makes sense,” Claudia said. She then took a large yawn. Her voice bellowed to a deep octave, and she covered her mouth. She finished and her eyes brightened wide. “Oh right!” The rest of the team looked at her confused. She took an impeded step into the throne room. She held her hand out and pointed up. Siguard looked up, the rest of the team filed in and looked up. An arrow with runes inscribed on the wooden shaft was embedded in the stone. 

“It’s an arrow,” Goblet said. 

“Not just any arrow! A magic one,” Claudia said. 

“I don’t understand,” Siguard said. He took a cautious step to avoid the settling blood. 

“Okay right,” Claudia said. She shook her frizz of red hair.

“It’s a space magic,” Olivier intuited. 

“Yes! Right, so I heard Evelyn and Hugh talking about someone getting killed or in danger and that gave me an idea. I had arrows that can let me see and recall all the events that took place. So, that gave me the idea to put them around the castle. Emptied my whole quiver of them to get it across.”

It took many moments for anyone to say anything. Hugh was the first to move on from the idea they had been watched. “What do you use to view these events on?” 

“I have a small mirror.” She made her hands into a circle to illustrate her point. 

Olivier moved up. “Where is this mirror now?” He took a step closer to the body, Siguard intercepted him and guided him back to where he was standing. 

“It’s in my room obviously.”

“Go get it,” Hugh said. 

Claudia waved her hair out of her face, moved passed Goblet and to the stairwell. “Ah, hold!” Siguard held his hand out. “Stop.”

Claudia paused mid step. Her toes were on the stair while her foot was arched. “Why?”

“We’ll go together. All of us. She could be trying to make a run for it and escape from judgment.”

“I’m just trying to get a mirror so we can see who did it.” She pointed her hand up the stairs. 

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