Tainted Victory – Chapter 5, Part 3 (Page-a-Day)

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Goblet took a single step. His massive body soon obstructed Claudia. “You’re stopping her from doing her thing. I don’t know much who’d do a sneaky thing like stab someone. Real death should be done in conflict and fighting.” He lifted a meaty finger to Siguard. “You are talking too much for someone who says they did not do it.”

“Okay, okay, hold on.” Siguard raise his arms. “Fine. We will all go and just look at the mirror in her room. Is that fair?”

Goblet looked to Claudia. Claudia casted her gaze to Olivier. Olivier looked to Hugh. Hugh scratched his beard. “It seems so. We do not know who did it. Splitting up would be a mistake. It would only make sense to go together.” 

Before the whole party could mobilize Claudia had already began to bound up the steps. Any idea she was groggy or tired evaporated from their minds. During the march up to her room the party began to notice the finished and runed arrows shot into the stone work. They were shone in the bright flashes of lightning. The arrows seemed to be positioned at random on her walk to her room. Some would be used to cover another, while others were rooms apart, and didn’t seem to have any purpose at all. Another flash of lightning revealed arrows on the other castle halls. They seemed to run deep in every direction. 

“You certainly did quite the job with those arrow,” Olivier noted. 

“Thanks! I make sure to bring lots of them when I go to missions. Usually I use them to create a perimeter so I can sleep in peace out in the wild.”

“I should get me one of those,” Colt said. “It beats just using ol’ Hounder to keep his guard up. I mean we all need some good sleeping.”

“You could just always stay at an inn,” Siguard said.

“Ohh sure, but my prey ain’t in the inn. No sir, they are out in the wild. It would be mighty, mighty strange if a Wildabear stayed at a lodge before ransacking the place.”

“Wildabears aren’t nocturnal creatures,” Goblet said. 

“No, I guess not. It’s just like an example I thought of.” 

“I’ve seen Wildabears do some real damage,” Olivier said. “Their claws can also be used to make some very strong poison gas.”

“Will you three stop chatting nonsense about animals and gas.” Siguard gave a stink eye and sneered lip. “That gas is nothing to joke about.” 

“Sorry,” Goblet said. 

“Gas,” Olivier said.

“He’s not talking about the natural kind is human to the lowly snake produces, mage,” Colt said. 

“I know, I know,” his eyes remained fixed, but not present. 

Hugh and Evelyn stayed at the rear of the party. “One of those five did it,” Evelyn whispered. 

“We can’t be sure. A whole invading army is outside, and they removed our best fighter from the field.” Hugh didn’t look at Evelyn, but instead scanned the walls, pillars, and columns of the hallways. He kept count and marked the position of each haphazard arrow. “So to speak.”

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