Tainted Victory – Chapter 5, Part 4 (Page-a-Day)

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But we know you were hired to protect him,” Evelyn said. 

“I was hired to protect someone. You said it was Raisor. Seems like you were right.”

“It is suspicious she put all these arrows up though.”

“They’re like scouts or spies of some kind,” Hugh said. “Intelligence gathering tool.”

“Very different. Good thing I learned about them. That’ll allow me to look out for them in the future.”

“It is interesting though. Intelligence gathering is useful to keep an eye out, but it’s also used to protect yourself.”

“I don’t follow.”

“She could have used them to record an event like this. Or, it could be she did it to know when it was safe to commit the crime herself.”

“Why would she…” 

The party stopped. They had reached the wooden doorway into her room. It was like any of the other doors. Wooden with metal hinges and a door handle. It was the only room in the hallway they had turned down. The other direction went to a foyer. Normally sun would be beaming in, now just lightning and rain pattered by the window. An arrow was lodged in the corner of the hallway. Claudia creaked the door open. Inside it looked like any of the regular rooms. A single bed was pushed against the wall, a window let was next to the bed. This one looked out on the side of the castle. The only thing on that side were the town’s houses and woods. A desk sat just below the window and supported all of Claudia’s belongings.She had a travel bag, folded clothing, her crossbow, a pair of runic knives, and her divided quiver. Two of the sections were near empty. Those were the ones that held fire magics, and the phase magic of the viewing arrows. The space in the room filled in quickly as they entered. Hounder immediately jumped onto the bed. 

“Back up, back up. I can’t be grabbing my stuff if I am jabbing you all in the sides and private spaces.” Claudia went to her bag and removed a mirror slightly larger than her palm. It had faded golden handles with a small gem placed on top. Runes ran down, and wrapped around the sides of the golden handles. She tapped the gem. The mirror’s reflective surface faded into the hallway outside her door. She could see the door open, and Hugh’s backside. 

“So that is the present,” Olivier said. 

“How will that help us say who killed Raisor earlier?” Siguard asked.

“I can move it backward in time,” Claudia said. She glided her finger to the right multiple times. The image faded backward to just be the closed door, to her opening it when she hears Hounders cries, to it being closed while she was sleeping, and then finally when the arrow was activated. 

“That is quite impressive,” Olivier said. 

“How do you see what the other arrows saw?” Evelyn asked. 

“Right, right.” Clauida began flicking her finger upward over the gem. The image faded to the hallways, and corridors they passed along the way. 

“Just go to the throne room,” Siguard said. 

“I’m working on it. This is magic, not a miracle. It takes some time.” She flicked for a few more seconds, even had to change hands. 

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