Tainted Victory – Chapter 5, Part 5 (Page-a-Day)

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The screen finally faded onto the throne room. Her hair exited the screen and was just an image of the dragon’s body. She leaned the mirror against the window’s sill. It cast a glow on the party. They watched as, after a few minutes passed, Siguard and Goblet walked and talked with each other. Their arms were snuggly looped around the others neck in a friendly display. An hour or so later the doors to the castle opened. The blue lightning blasted a light into the room. Hugh entered after that. He stomped his feet along the entranceway before ascending the stairs to his room. Minutes after that Evelyn came down the stairs. She had the ledger and candle in hand. She disappeared out the frame of the mirror. She was gone for some time before returning back into the mirror’s glass. She did not have anything new in her hand. She ascended the stairs, vanishing from sight.

An hour or two later Raisor appeared from out of the border of the mirror. He came from the same direction Evelyn had come from earlier. He was in the same outfit he was wearing the last time any of them saw him. His walk was slow and staggard. He shook his hands from side to side, then blew on them. He perked  up and turned it sideways. He noticed someone from out of the mirror’s frame. He began to talk with them. It was not easy to read his face. Based on his body language he was both shocked and jovile. He leaned back and pointed his finger at the person, then transitioned to hand on hip and the other resting on his knife. He quickly removed his hand and placed it in his pocket. The other person entered frame. Their face was not visible. They had on a black cloak with the hood up. He walked over to Hugh. They began to argue. Raisor got up in his face to yell at the person. The hooded person grabbed the knife from Raisor’s sheath then quickly plunged it into his chest. Raisor gave his sneered smirk before. He felt the area around his wound chest. Saw the blood, collapsed to the ground and did not move. The cloaked figure checked his body. Flung his arms in frustration and ran the same direction he came from. The mirror continued to show the same body in real time.

“Ah ha!” Siguard said. He took a position in front of the mirror and the party. “We just have to look for who has a black cloak.” He looked to Evelyn. “She is the only one who matches that description. She’s the killer!” He pointed his finger at her again. 

Colt grabbed her shoulder. She jerked his hand away. “Hold on! If you look again that person is way too big to be me!”

“We do not know what distortion occurred to prove or disprove it. Still, you are the only one with a black robe. Therefore she did it.” Colt grabbed her again.

“Get your fur covered hand off me! This is expensive bedwear.

Siguard stepped closer. “What were you doing with your ledger? Maybe you were going to rob the king, he saw you. You killed him.”

“What were you and Goblet doing then? Maybe the king needs to know that. Raisor saw and you killed him.”

Siguard blew her off with a scoff. “We were just reminiscing about old fights and spats.”

“It is true,” Goblet said. 

“How is your cover any better than mine? That doesn’t even make sense,” Evelyn said. 

“Tell it to the king.”

“It does not make sense, Siguard,” Hugh said. He stepped up. The party parted to give him room and stand next to Siguard.

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