Tainted Victory – Chapter 5, Part 6 (Page-a-Day)

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“Why should we listen to you? You’re just trying to peacock the killer.”

“First, how could she have killed him. We see the killer come from a place where there is no entrance. Meaning it needed to be planned ahead of time. Some moved from the back to the corner without being seen to sneak up on him to kill him. Second, if you notice,” he pointed to Olivier. He stood in the corner his robe still covering his body. “His robe, we all know is purple. Yet, in the darkness of the room they appear black. I would guess the same for green or red, or even blue robes. They would all appear black. Meaning any of us still could have done it.”

“I think it might be time we all discuss what we were doing the time of the murder,” Olivier said. “Something we all should have probably led with.” He faced Siguard and Evelyn. “Instead of jump and accuse each other.”

The party moved to the dining room and each took the same seat they had at the more jovile and fun dinner. The tension, unease, and angst filled the in a muggy, summer time stifle none of them could fix. The seven exchanged side-glances and off color words. Hugh was the first to stand up. “I will go through my whole evening in order to clear my name first. We must do an examination of the body.”

“Why? We know it was a knife to the gut that did’em in,” Siguard said.

Hugh gave him a passing glance before continuing with his statement. “To that end I have brought these.” He bent over and pulled up his shoes. The soils were coated with clumps of mud. The further up the boot the mud turned to dust and dirt. “You all saw that I came in from outside. During that time I was working on making some antidotes and travel mixtures any possible run ins I had when leaving the castle to my next location. I reentered the castle and as you can see I would leave very obvious tracks anywhere I walked.” He placed the boots back onto the floor. “Now, if that does not satisfy you we can check Claudia’s viewing mirror. I noted that an arrow was placed with a perfect view of my door. I did not leave until Hounder awoke us.” He clapped his hands together in a prayer motion. “Does that satisfy you?” He sat back in his chair. 

The party turned to Siguard. He leaned back, interlaced his finger and laid them across his chest. “I think we still need some extra investigating.”

“If that’s so, what were you doing the time of the murder?” Evelyn said.

“Fine, I will go over what happened before the murder.” Siguard stood up.”Goblet will be able to agree to everything that happened.”

“Aye.” Goblet smacked his hand on the table. “I mean unless he does lie. In that case I cannot agree to it.”

“Yes,” Siguard composed himself. “We had dinner. Goblet and I stayed down here, then moved into the kitchen and talked about some battles we took place in.” He tapped his chest with the tips of his fingers. “I talked about the time my men and I stood alone against a whole raiding party just outside our outpost.”

“Indeed he did talk about that.” Goblet began to chuckle. “That time…” he kept laughing. “That time you…” He started swinging his arms like he held the axe in them. “He… he-he-he said ‘Heads up!’ and cut the guy’s head clean off!” He continued to swing his arms to and fro to illustrate his point. 

“That seems to have checked out,” Evelyn said. 

“Then,” Siguard said, “you can check those arrow things and see I never left my room. So there you go!” He bashed his hand on the table. 

“Actually, shouldn’t we assume that the arrows give all of us proof we did not leave our rooms?” Olivier asked. 

The party turned their attention to the red head. She straightened herself up. “I mean, I suppose we could. Or I mean, we could watch all that was captured from each arrow.”

“That would be mighty time consuming,” Olivier said.

“It would,” Hugh said. “So if we work with that assumption then…”

“Hold up now healer-man,” Goblet held his hand up. “We never got the rest of what everyone else was doing?” 

“Right,” Hugh said. “Who should go next?”

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