Tainted Victory – Chapter 5, Part 7 (Page-a-Day)

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“I just went upstairs after our meal,” Olivier said. “Yesterday, or is it today? It is hard to tell under clouds of rain. Anyway, I needed my rest. I went to the bathroom a couple times during the night. Colt can vouch for me.”

“I can. Me and Hounder both went to bed,” Colt said. “I am used to sleeping on rough ground and trees, and the like so a nice bed like the ones upstairs make it hard for me to sleep. So, I got up a couple of times during the night. During those times, I walked to the bathroom or just around the halls. Hounder though, he slept no problem. I don’t know what did eventually wake him up, but it was a good thing we did.”

“Indeed,” agreed Olivier. 

“Who else has not given their statement?” Siguard asked. He cut a glance at Evelyn. The other party members moved to look at her. 

Evelyn did not look away from her finger nails. She removed a file from somewhere no one could see and began working on them, unaware of the rest of the table. “I went to check the gold and jewels.”

“And we are supposed to believe this from the person who said on multiple occasions she would kill him,” Siguard said. 

“I just know I did not do it,” Evelyn said with unbreaking concentration. “If all of us have something that can vouch for us then we can better assume that it was not one of us who did it, but maybe one of the opposing soldiers that did it.”

“Is that possible?” Goblet asked.

“If they knew the same way to sneak in here that I used.” She tapped the nail file on the table. “Through the guard and service quarters.”

“Interesting,” Hugh said.

“Convenient is more like it,” Siguard replied. 

“If that is the case then we should split up and investigate,” Hugh said. “If the other army did kill him, then they can get to us any time. We need to stop them before they strike.”

“I agree with that,” Olivier said.

“As do I,” Siguard grumbled out. “But she,” he pointed to Evelyn, “is coming with my group.”

“Where will we be going?” she asked.

“I know that general, Troforsect.” He laid both arms on the table. “He was the one who gave me my biggest defeat.” He scratched his thick, silver beard. “He’s the reason I no longer am a knight for the king.”

“What happened?” Hugh asked.

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