Tainted Victory – Chapter 5 Conclusion (Page-a-Day)

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Siguard leaned into the table. The candlelight flickered against his face, casting long shadows over the table and darkened his face. “All I will say here is that we were lead into a trap.” His nose twitched, and his leg bounced causing the table to shake. His gaze drifted from the immediate to something none of them could see. He remembered the horse riding into the canyon. The sun beating on them like a wet blanket, moist and heavy. They entered the cavern only for a gas to creep its way through the crowd of soldiers. It paralized most of them. Those that survived the gas could not survive the earth seize around them, or the rocks plummet from the tops of the canyon onto the group, or the eventual raining of elemental magics down upon them.  “Troforsect then used his mages’ power to bring down the whole cavern we had entered. Only a small handful of us made it out.” He held his palm upward and in a gripping motion. He had noticed a small cavern in the canyon. He called his men to enter it when the barrage of mystical forces began. Only a few actually were able to make their way in. He was the last.“Those of us that did make it out have all been scarred for it.” He leaned back and rubbed his stomach. He was saved from crushing debris by a stray bolt of energy. He could still feel the sensation strike his gut. His stomach burned more than an open flame. He flew backward into the cavern and screamed in pain. After the assault the few remaining soldiers dug their way out. When they finally breached sunlight he saw the ruins of his party, and charred remains of his stomach. 

“Well shit,” Evelyn said. 

“Sounds like you shouldn’t go then,” Olivier said. 

“I want to show that monster he failed to kill me.” Siguard stood up. “We need a plan on how to investigate this. I think it is simple.” He looked to Hugh. “We split into three groups.”

“Why three?” Claudia asked. “We have the power. We go in there and kick their butts and take their information.”

“I could use a rematch against that storm maker,” Goblet said.

“We don’t know its them,” Hugh said. “They are an invading force we will have to take care of. But, if one of us are working for them, attacking them now would cause problems because we would be outnumbered and possibly out powered.”

“What are the three groups then?” Colt asked. 

Siguard held up on finger. “First group will be going to talk to Troforsect and see what his group has to say about killing Raisor.” He held up a second finger. “Two, another group will go into those servant and guard passageway to look for proof of who did it.” He held up a third finger. “Finally, Goblet will remain guard over the body and make sure no one tries to touch it.” He laced the final words with more than enough grease to get his point across to his target. 

“Why Goblet? He’s not much of a thinker. No offense,” Evelyn said.  

“I take no offense, but I will do it.”

“Still doesn’t answer why,” Evelyn said. 

Siguard looked to Goblet. “Goblet, would you ever kill someone with their own knife?”

“Ha! Never. Using someone else’s weapon in combat is disgraceful!”

Siguard waved his arm at Goblet. “My reasoning.”

“And we must trust him?”

“We must trust you did not do it,” Siguard said. 

“We must trust everyone in this room until it is proven otherwise,” Hugh said. “If we don’t we will never get anywhere.”

Evelyn rose to her feet. “If we are going out to investigate I need to change into something more suited to that.” She stepped around the chair and walked out of the room. Her final steps followed by Sigaurd’s fist pounding the table.

“If she is going we should then decide who will be going with whom on these trips,” Olivier said.

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