HBO’s The Outsider Episode 6 Review

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The story has slowly started to come full circle as Holly makes her way back to the investigative team that hired her. I have reiterated in all of my reviews so far that we all have many theories and questions regarding what’s going on exactly, but none of them solidly being confirmed yet. In this episode, we finally get a character who takes our side of what we think is going on and lays it all out on the table. Our mysterious figure of being does indeed seem to be some kind of boogeyman or El Cuco. It was seemingly confirmed that the assumption was correct in the previous episodes but it only became reality when she revealed her findings to the investigative team and Terry’s wife. 

If we weren’t watching this as a show and instead were living this the way they are then hey I don’t blame any of them for thinking Holly is crazy. On the other hand, even in times of doubt when you’re presented with something that seems impossible, you have to take in consideration the possibility that there may be something else going on. This is handled very well with all of our characters at play and they all have a different perspective on the situation. 

Holly for example is someone who prides herself on getting the absolute truth even if it leads her to something impossible to believe. She’s one that goes by the facts presented to her and makes a judgement of what she thinks the situation is regardless of how crazy it may sound. Terry’s wife is who we all would likely be in that situation, doubting the possibility and throwing out the lack of sense it makes as a human. Then we also have the two middle people, Ralph and his wife. His wife is more in line with Molly after her encounter with the figure, but is still somewhat skeptical while Ralph doesn’t want to believe it but I feel in the back of his mind it may be the only thing that makes sense. 

I feel bad for Ralph because he’s your typical kind of hero thrown into the mystical kind of world that doesn’t want to believe what he’s seeing or dealing with. At some point he’s going to come to the realization that what Holly is saying is actually true. It will be interesting to see how this affects him going forward if he does indeed make it through to the end. That also brings up my biggest concern now, who is going to survive to the end before finally capturing this figure. Will Ralph embrace this strange situation that he’s now involved with before finding himself in a bad position and maybe end up being killed? 

My biggest reason for bringing this up is because of how the episode ends. We see Holly in the car with Jack as she now realizes that he is under the control of the figure. It’s the mark on his neck that gives this away, but now she’s in too deep to be able to get away. Unfortunately I see her potentially becoming a victim if she can’t find a way to escape. If she does end up becoming a victim then there’s no telling how many more victims will come out of Jack’s actions. I also wonder what exactly Jack will be showing her. I feel confident that it will either be the figure or it will be nothing and he will take her out to the barn only to kill her. Things are just not looking good for Holly. 

The only other major thing to make a note of is that the figure will soon be fully formed into the guy at the bar. I can’t remember his name for the life of me, but given the track record the being has, it doesn’t seem he’ll be leaving the area which makes me wonder what his agenda is exactly. If he turns into that guy fully then he’s going to be able to get close to Ralph which will certainly spell doom for him. The figure is clearly threatened by Ralph and the investigation team which could be why it’s sticking around. 

Now we know that our theories were true as far as it being a shapeshifter of some kind and that it takes time for it to fully form a new look. The real question I have though is the actual motif to why it picked who it did and why killing kids. We may have the answer to some questions, but we don’t have the answers to some of the deeper questions. I hope that we do get those answers and we aren’t left open ended by the end of the series. I don’t think this is something that should go on longer than a single season and I believe it’s being called a limited series so again hopefully we get all of the answers by the end. 

My final predictions after this episode for things that I feel may happen coming up are that Holly will end up being killed which will throw the case into Ralph’s hands. I think it’s at that point that he will fully embrace this strange case that he’s involved in and will manage to capture the being. There is a chance that Ralph also dies, but a lot of the resolve depends on Stephen King or the writers of the show and whether or not they actually want to wrap up the story with answers. I think the success of the show going into the final episodes hinges on how they decide to handle the mystery itself. If our characters are killed, our being gets away, and we don’t have answers then I don’t think the show will come out being a success. That’s my biggest worry, but we’ll see how the final episodes play out. 

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