Tainted Victory – Chapter 6, Part 3 (Page-a-Day)

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Evelyn staggered her feet with a cross-cross. She shook her head. “But-but-but-but, I was here to see someone!” she caught herself. She pointed a long finger at the soldier, and pushed her eyes out.

Both soldiers looked at each other, then back at her. Their eyebrows rose up in unison. A cool wind passed between them. “Ma’am,” began the dimple guard.

“Don’t ‘ma’am’ me! I’m your age I think!” She stomped her foot, crossed her arms, then pouted out her bottom lip. She let some drops of rain water flow down her lip, to her chin, neck, and eventually bosom. The men’s eyes followed the trip closely. She adjusted her arms and pushed them under her bosom, pushing them out. “Can you nice soldiers elp me? Did you see anyone come by? I’m looking for’em.”

The two soldiers glanced at each other once again. The dimpled soldier sighed. “I mean we did see that one man in the cloak talk to the boss last night. That same person I guess also came again over the wall like you.”

“Didja see which way he went?” 

Siguard and Colt exited the town’s gate. The single pathway leading from the dense forest to the city was blocked by a row of horses and Blue tents. Fresh rain water splattered from the edges of the leaves and tarps above the tents. The castle behind them looked no different from when they entered. Colt stopped mid stance. He noticed a single set of footprints start at the edge of the gate. He pointed down. Siguard nodded. “We’ll need to ask the mages about that.”

They continued unperturbed. Hounder stuck his nose into the air. He caught a scent. The three passed a thick bush of shrubbery. The shrubbery rustled loud and wet. Hounder barked, widened his stance and shot his hackles up. Two soldiers in blue cut through the bushes and stood on the side of the two men. 

The one closest to Siguard ran to him, sword raised high. Siguard raised his shield. The sword clanged then bounced against the metal shield. The blade flew upward. Siguard shuffled into the man, punched his shield, and slammed the man in the chest with the curve. The soldier let out an “oof” of pain and flew back into the brush. The soldier by Colt was brought to his knees by a bite from hounder’s thick jaw. Colt removed his sword and bashed the butt against the man’s nose. The crumpled and bent to a side. Blood came pouring out like the rain above. The soldier grabbed his nose and scooted away to safety. The soldier that was bashed away stood up and limped back to the fight, sword wobbling in hand. 

Siguard drew his sword and readied himself for battle. “Stand down soldier.”

“Yes, please do stand down,” Troforsect’s voice pierced Siguard’s ears deeply. 

The two party members looked at the general clad in blue and silver armor, with a blue cape flowing behind him. Colt stood close to Siguard. “That blue could look black in the shadow of the castle,” he whispered. Siguard sheathed his weapon and nodded.

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