Tainted Victory – Chapter 6, Part 5 (Page-a-Day)

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“This is ridiculous! You know something about what is going on. Tell us what it is!” Siguard stepped closer.

Troforsect adjusted the grip on his hilt. “I may have someone being my eyes and ears, but that doesn’t mean I can’t kill you now. It will save me time later.”

“Later?” Colt said. 

“Yes. More people are going to die in that castle if you don’t give me what I want.” Troforsect released his grip on the sword. “Killing me will not stop what is happening, or reveal who the spy is in your camp.” Troforsect waved his hands back to the castle. “Move alo…” his voice cut out when the screams of a man in that specific pain traveled across the forest to their clearing. 

Hugh, Claudia, and Olivier walked down a long, sandstone hallway. They had opened the door into the passageway with ease and had been walking for several minutes. Hugh shook salablazer spit in a vile and turned it into a makeshift lamp they used to direct themselves. It was a fairly straight shot for a majority of the walk. A damp odor filled the room as they passed leaks coming from the ceiling above. Claudia held her nose tight. “Oh, that is rancid! No way anyone walked through here,” she said.

“Imagine that this was the only way for anyone who was not part of the royal family could get around,” Olivier said. “Makes too much sense if you ask me.”

Hugh waved the makeshift lantern around. The shadows along the sandstone flickered and flipped with each movement. “I am surprised they memorized the layout of this. It is a labyrinth.”

The three reached a trident shaped fork in the corridor. Hugh peaked his lantern around each of the corners. They all descended into black. Only the well worn stones that made up the floor were present. “I wonder which way to go?” Hugh asked. 

“This seems really odd,” Claudia said. Her voice echoed from the ground.

“It does,” Hugh said. He peeked into the passageways again. “We could split up, but that would cause problems, and not knowing where these passages go would cause problems.”

“Did your friend tell us which to take?” Olivier asked.

“Evelyn? No. She made it seem like there would only be one.” 

“Can you bring the light over here?” Claudia asked. Hugh looked to see her kneeling on the floor. She removed an arrow from the quiver at her side. Hugh handed the light over to her. She accepted it and began waving it over the tiles. The shadows circled in a mesmerizing display. She stopped, took her arrow and jammed it into a spot in the rock. It didn’t shatter. Instead it buried deeper into the stone. The whole room shook violently. Dust and water droplets cascaded onto the three. Two of the forks scraped along the floor, and giving off a sharp thunking until they disappeared and only the single one tunnel remained. 

“How did you know that would happen?” Olivier asked. 

“I noticed the wear and tear of the rocks under the two other hallways. I think knelt down to get a look and saw what I thought, and rightly assumed was a lock.”

“So whoever came down here must have known about this and activated the extra hallways to get somewhere,” Hugh said. 

“I wonder what it could be,” Claudia said.

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