Tainted Victory – Chapter 6, Part 6 (Page-a-Day)

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“To a vault of some kind,” Olivier said. “If you open them again one of them goes to the right. If I did the corrections in my head that would right to the throne room. Kings and dragons are so very alike you know. They only want to horde their treasures.”

“Meaning the person who came down here last was trying to get the treasure,” Hugh said.

“We know who that person is!” Claudia began slapping Hugh on the arm. “It would have been Raisor!”

“It would!” Hugh agreed. “He would have discovered the treasure, maybe even gotten some treasure, then the murderer approached him. They argued about it and he was killed!”

“We should go to the vault!” Claudia said 

“I think we should tell the others,” Olivier said. “Going in without them would make us suspicious.”

“So we can go back up?” Claudia asked. 

“Seems so.”

“Yes! I hate this rancid, rich person cave.” 

“You are a great student already,” Olivier said.

Siguard, Colt, and Hounder raced across the field, through the mud and grass to the distressed call. Troforsect and a small platoon of his men galloped deliberately behind them. Another cry breached their ears from across the plain. Siguard began to slow when he started to make out the source of the noise. Colt and Hounder followed his lead. The horses at their back slowed to a trott. “Why are you stopping?” Troforsect demanded.

Siguard continued with his modest stroll and ignored the soldier. 

Troforsect whipped the reins on his horse. It jolted forward. “Answer me before I end you!” Troforsect’s horse intercepted Siguard, blocking his path.

“I would think you would want to deal with the situation of what is happening to your men over there.” Siguard just pointed a solum, ironclad finger at the scene near the edge of the trees. 

At the edge of the forest stood Evelyn. Her black boot was pressed against the chest of one of the soldiers and had his head buried in the growing weeds. The second soldier was on his knees and straining to escape the twisted grip she had on his wrist. She looked up to see the strange collection of people approaching her. She gave the kneeing soldier’s wrist a deep twist, sending his hand back further, before releasing him, and removing her foot from the others chest. 

“What is going on here?” boomed Troforsect’s voice. 

The two soldiers struggled to reach any pose that would show they were prepared for their boss to show up. In that moment they were closer to misbehaving kids than armed soldiers. One soldier with a dimple in his chin let out a spattering of word-like sounds.

“What is going on here?!” Troforsect demanded again.

Evelyn slowly backed away from the general and to Siguard and Colt. 

The two soldiers still could barely form coherent thoughts and sentences, let alone explain why a tiny woman overpowered them. 

“I think it is time for us to return to the castle,” Colt said. He placed a hand along her shoulder. 

Troforsect began to lay into the two nitwits. Troforsect turned to see the three backing away. He yelled to them, “Hand me the king’s true treasure or more people will die!”

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