Tainted Victory – Chapter 6, Part 8 (Page-a-Day)

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The door to the castle creaked open. The pitch filled the whole castle, and light broke into the throne room. “We know one of you is a spy for that foreign monster, Troforsect!” Siguard declared before his frame even broke the doors. “That person snuck out last night to discuss plans with Troforsect. Raisor must have seen that and that is why he was killed!” The three finally came in from the light to see the four staring blankly at them. 

“There is treasure under the throne room,” Claudia said.

“What?” Siguard said.

“Oh, that makes sense,” Evelyn said. 

“But what about all the tracks and mole we found when we just talked to the army?” Colt said. 

“You found a live mole?” Olivier asked. 

“No, one of you are a mole that was hired by Troforsect!” Siguard pointed to the three. He then turned to Evelyn. “I started to like you for five seconds.”

“How flattering.”

“Those tracks prove that one of them left the castle to talk to them. That means Raisor must have found out and was killed.”

“You’re forgetting the treasure, Siguard.”

“We found treasure. Possible treasure, but treasure!”

“I found something that could help,” Goblet said. 

“Where did you find the treasure?” Evelyn asked. 

“I didn’t forget the treasure, I just do not find that important.”

“Treasure is a very important thing for kings. You could even say they find it more important than the lives of their own men,” Olivier said. 

“We found a secret catacomb or passageway maybe in the work corridors,” Claudia said. 

“Of course he would have that!” Evelyn said. 

“We should bury it,” Siguard said. 

“I agree. The king does not need the money.”

“What? No. Troforsect wants it and that means he should never be able to get it!”

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