Tainted Victory – Chapter 6 Conclusion (Page-a-Day)

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Goblet lost track of what was being said. He took a couple steps away. The overlapping voices built up more and more pressure in his head. His face steamed. He raised his axe at shoulder length. He let out a deep yell and swung his axe hard into the decapitating chandelier. It clang and rang out like a bell. The axe handle vibrated. His hands turned red. Everyone cut their chatter and turned to him. Goblet let out a deep sigh then dropped his axe. It let out a less cacophonous ring upon dropping. “I have discovered something,” he said with panted breath. 

“Well, what is it?” Evelyn asked. 

Goblet went through his story of getting a sparkly light shone on his eyes, checking the body and finding the scales. “So whatever he touched that burnt him also had something to do with scales.”

“Okay,” Evelyn said. 

“But, think about it,” he said. “If there is a vault under here.” He pointed down to the ground. “If a treasure really is under here, why else would the dragon be here? Choose here?”

“It’s open and has lots of shiny things,” Siguard said.

“No!” Hugh lit up. “I got it!”

“Yes! There is a dragon egg below us! It would answer all of the questions we have,” Goblet said.

“Dragon’s are lizard’s in species. That does make sense,” Colt said. “I never actually saw a dragon’s egg before so I do not know if they have scales on it.”

“So that idea of yours could be wrong,” Siguard said.

“All of our ideas could be wrong,” Claudia said. “But that idea would make a lot of sense.The vault or catacombs or whatnot are under this room. The dragon was under this room. Maybe it was sitting on the egg. Not literally, but trying to. Like a mother hen.”

“Dragons do not usually take up residency,” Colt said. 

“Do you know how we can be sure?” Goblet asked. His steamed face turned a sparkling bright gold. He beamed a smile. “We can go explore the catacombs, or vault and find the truth.”

The party looked to Siguard. Siguard crossed his arms in a stance of limp defiance. That fell quickly. He sighed then scratched his beard. “It it what Troforsect surley wants. Having one’s personal dragon is worse than having a platoon full of mages. It should stay buried.”

“We’re not saying we take the egg, but just confirm that it exists. From there we can build a further narrative as to why Raisor was killed,” Evelyn said. “And who did it.”

Siguard let out another sigh. He relented. “Fine, we will got and explore the catacombs.”

Hugh raised his hand to speak. “If the scales are on the body then examining it would be the best option.”

“Goblet will go with you,” Siguard said without letting any other ideas gestate in his brain. Hugh nodded. 

Above them the clouds blew and whipped by on the backs of the cold winds of coming stormfronts.

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