Tainted Victory – Chapter 7, Part 1 (Page-a-Day)

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Chapter 7: The Vault

Goblet picked Raisor’s body up by the legs. Hugh picked him up by the armpits. They walked through the castle doors to the open field. The cold winds picked up and whipped through their thin clothes. Hugh shivered. His muscles began to ache and quiver under his shirt. His hands got red and wet. The body began to slip. It was slow, but picked up speed in those milliseconds. “Put him down, put him down,” Hugh said. Goblet placed him gently on the dirt. Hugh squatted down and let the body fall to the ground. He stood up and wiped his hands on his pants.

“Are you doing okay?” Goblet asked. He stretched his arms out. His biceps bulged and flexed out with extension. 

Hugh blew into his palms. A light cloud blew from his hands. “Just getting cold, and my hands got slippery.” He blew hot air into his palms again, and rubbed them together. He nodded. They both squatted down, picked up the body and continued their walk through the barren field. The call of wild birds bounced and echoed around them.They passed the gate. Hugh pivoted his body and they walked by the abandonded houses. “That was some good deductions you made in there.”

“Huh?” Goblet said. He scanned the houses around them. 

“Figuring out what Raisor was after. That was a good piece of information we need.”

“Thanks,” he said. “It is maddening sometimes.” They moved to the stable. The enclosed building was warm in comparison to the chilling weather outside. The horses neighed and shifted their mane at the sight of the people. 

“Maddening how?” The two pivoted again. They rested the body against the crimson wooded side of the carriage Hugh stepped up and opened the carriage door. He entered and leaned out the door. 

Goblet grabbed the body, Hugh grabbed the upper half and they hoisted him in. “I have some good ideas. No one seems to listen to them.” His body shook the small structure when he breached the door, and took stilted steps and pivot the body onto the wooden table protruding from the wall. 

“I understand.” Hugh rolled his sleeves up. His tattoo like markings filled his skin. He reached for a pair of gloves and slid them on. 

“You do?” Goblet picked up a vial. His elbow knocked the shelf below. The shelf gave way immediately. The jars and vials tumbled, smashed, and shattered on the ground. The rining pierced their ears.

Hugh reflexively covered his ears. The ringing passed quickly. “Just stay near the front.” He waved his hand to the bare wall near the front of the carriage. 

“Sorry.” Goblet took a few steps to maneuver around the shattered glass. He leaned against the wall. The whole cart squeaked and shifted down an inch or two

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