Zoey’s Extraordinary Hype Episode 2 is Finally Here (a Review)

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I started the previous one of these talking about how network television is behind the times. This show continues to represent that just by the fact it released its pilot episode with lots of hype and excitement only to suddenly vanish as they made the rest of the series it seems. It’s more interesting that previews for the first episode showed events that didn’t occur, meaning that was either cut content or early drafts of episode two. It’s just strange having to wait so long for it, but it’s here.

For a quick recap, Zoey is a coder in San Fransisco who, through magical means gets all of music beamed into her head through an MRI/earthquake mishap. Now she must use those skills to help the people around her and not act weird when her best friend played by Skylar Aston reveals he has feelings for her.

With all that said episode two picks up a week later. Zoey is in charge of developing a scavenger hunt for the beta testers of their product, Max (Skylar Astin) continues to heart sing to Zoey, Zoey’s dad is getting some movement back, and her neighbor is trying to solve her powers.

This is another packed episode where it juggles a lot of plot threads all at once, but manages to keep them in the air even if it stumbles a couple times. Zoey trying to act normal around Max as she has become manager and knows his inner feelings is played well. The interplay between her neighbor, Mo, and herself is good. You can really feel a budding friendship between them even if Mo doesn’t have a lot of depth yet. The drama with her dad is still pretty solid. We get more with her brother, and get into her parents relationship.

The covers continue to be solid. I may not love every song they use, but they all feel well integrated, have good production, and are often shot really well. We also get to see a view of what is going on outside of Zoey’s point of view. I kind of wished they saved that reveal till later, but it works in the scene.

The comedy has picked up. It is still not gag or joke driven like sitcoms are, but does feel natural and come from the characters play off each other naturally. I still want big laughs, but I don’t think this is the show to deliver that.

Where the episode does falter is in it’s density of plot, and execution of a few threads. With so much going on it is hard to gauge where you are in the episode at any time. The Office also had that, but it worked because that was closer to real life which is not structured. This feels chaotic (I’ll say. It’s not the exact word I want, but it fits). This comes from how many of the revelations and endings feel out of nowhere, and not built up. Zoey struggling to be a good manager is brought up a couple times, and we see her struggle to get the team to work, but they feel token, and end with her succeeding on her own, but looking like a mess. It doesn’t have the impact her failing, or focusing on that as the A plot would have. Instead it has to share space with Zoey setting up their barista on a date with Max and just being generally weird. They do resolve it, but again does not feel built up.

This is a show I do really want to like and think can be great. It has a killer premise, cast, and style to carry it, but it is just falling when it tries to carry every plot line it set up all at once. Maybe when more episodes come this problem will go away, but until then Jane Levy is a national treasure and must be protected.

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