HBO’s The Outsider Episode 7 Review

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We are almost at the end with episode 7 and in the previous episode, we were left on a cliffhanger that spelled doom for Holly. I was anticipating this episode to take a dark turn and unfortunately give us the death of a great character. Sadly, I was disappointed with how this episode played out. This is the first real disappointing episode that I watched so far. It’s not necessarily the fact that Holly didn’t die, but rather that nothing really happens in this episode and most of what was accomplished could have been done in twenty minutes or less it feels like. Instead, it dragged from start to finish and gave no real weight to anything going on. I’m not saying that anything crazy needs to happen in each episode, but really this one just had nothing to really sink my teeth into.

I don’t mind that Holly was able to escape from Jack and it seemed like that something was going to happen so that she would get away, but I really want to see where they take her character in these last two episodes. The reason I say that is because I think there’s a missed opportunity here by keeping her alive. I know that she got away just so that she could explain Jack’s strange decisions lately and how he’s being controlled by the being, but I’m just not sure if it really did that much more that couldn’t have been done some other way. Ralph was going to have to eventually start believing in what Holly was saying about this being, but does her first-hand experience with Jack really push him to that point? It does seem like it towards the end, but is her explanation really necessary for him to be pushed?

Okay, so it does give a little extra push, but they already could tell that something was up with him especially after seeing his apartment. They had already pinged the cell phones, so they were going to be able to follow him and eventually find him, and it certainly seems that the being is about to take the new identity after they just learned that the guy with the original ID has already skipped town. A lot of things were already in place that were going to drive Ralph into finally believing and I don’t think there’s much else Holly can actually do to push him to that point. He’s a believer of evidence and he’s about to come face to face with the being.

I say it’s a missed opportunity not to kill Holly, but again it really just depends on where they take her character going forward. Now the last scene is very interesting and could be very telling of where her character is being taken. There was no point that I can recall where Jack scratched her, not that Jack doing it would have any effect on the being having the ability to copy her appearance, but just in case I never saw that. However, it does seem based on her nightmare that something is going on and it could be possible that having contact with Jack could have given the being access to her and her dreams. If the being is now in her mind, it could be possible that she becomes the next victim of being controlled by it.

It doesn’t make a ton of sense when I think about it deeper though because she states that it seems that it can control someone that is experiencing a lot of pain. I wonder why Ralph has not fallen victim to it, it seems like he’s in pain when it comes to letting his son go, but Holly doesn’t seem like she’s in any kind of obvious pain either other than being scared by her interaction with Jack. The being could just be getting inside her mind to let her know that it’s there, but at the same time I’m trying to figure out the purpose. If it can’t control her then where exactly do they plan on taking this character. It still seems to make more sense as of now to kill her off.

Killing her off could have been a driving force for Ralph to start believing her since her death at the hands of Jack would make sense with how he’s been acting lately and there would have been no other motif for him to kill her. I may be thinking too much into it, but I just think it could’ve been more impactful for her to be killed off and fall victim at the hands of Ralph not believing her. Her guy friend investigator that came down to join the case still seems suspicious to me for some reason. I’m not sure what exactly his purpose is outside of just being there for her and being connected to the case, but there’s still something about him that I don’t like.

Unfortunately there’s just not that much to unpack from this episode outside of what I’ve already talked about. I guess the only other major thing to happen is that Terry’s wife can’t hold a job in that town because of everything that’s happened and it looks like she’s about to start suing everyone so that may end up being important later on. Really that’s about it. I know many people are complaining about this show coming to a slow pace and not being as exciting anymore, and while this episode did become the only one I was disappointed by, I’m not disappointed overall with it. It’s a slow burn investigative show that is specifically meant to be slow. I think it really highlights the acting and really shows how to develop a mystery out.

Going into the last three episodes, there’s a lot to live up to with all of the setup we’ve had so far. Everything has lead to how exactly they’re going to execute this finale and the overall quality of the show is at stake here and all depends on how they handle the finale. I feel like they missed an opportunity with keeping Holly alive, but there’s still potential for her arc to go in a place that ends up working better in the long run. I’m excited still to see where everything comes together in the end, but they really need to nail this next episode after coming off a somewhat disappointing one.

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