Tainted Victory – Chapter 7, Part 4 (Page-a-Day)

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“I serve him,” Siguard said.

“Yes. I am not doubting you.” Goblet looked at the lacquer red carriage. Hugh could not defend himself against a fully armed knight, especially one of Siguard’s caliber and skill. He moved to block the door. He held up his… pitchfork. Goblet sighed. “Just asking you a question, my friend.”

“Return what you took!” He pointed his sword to Goblet.”

“What would that be?” Goblet asked. 

“Enough talking!” Siguard repositioned into a fighting stance. His shield out, sword back, and feet planted shoulder length apart. 

“Finally, something I understand.” Goblet raised the pointed end of the pitchfork up to Siguard. 

Siguard inched forward. He opened with a shield bash. The wind streamed over the edges and whistled loudly. Goblet turned and took the hit. It thwacked against him with a cold sting that gave way to an aching bruise. Goblet shuffled back. Siguard swung his sword down. Goblet blocked it with the handle of the pitchfork. It cut halfway in and jammed. Siguard tugged on the blade. Goblet fought to keep the pitchfork in his hands. Siguard gave a firm tug. The sword flew out, Goblet stumbled back. Goblet shook his hands out. They were a blossoming red. “You really are something.” 

Siguard was silent. He pulled his shield back, then thrust it forward again. Goblet blocked the hit with his pitchfork. It bowed and quickly snapped into two pieces. Goblet stumbled back further. Siguard brought his sword down again. Goblet looked at the rusted fork. He brought the pitchfork side up and caught the blade with the forks. He twisted the sword and fork sideways. Siguard’s wrist followed. The sword turned down. Goblet took a step in, raised the wooden end of the pitchfork up and slapped Siguard in the face. It left an outline red mark on his face, but he seemed unfazed. Goblet raised his leg and kicked him in the chestplate. Siguard dropped the sword and inched backward. Siguard shook his hand out. 

Goblet adjusted his stance, then took off running at the knight. Siguard raised his shield. Goblet took the slam to the chest. It knocked some wind out of him. He flipped the fork head down and jabbed it into Siguard’s wrist plating, with the other end he stabbed the butt into the joint by Siguard’s wrist. He pulled. The wrist guard gave out, and the wooden butt stabbed the bone. Siguard dropped the shield. 

Goblet took a long breath. “Okay, friend.” He raised his arms up and dropped the two ends of the pitchfork. “Just calm down now. We can talk all of this out I am sure.” 

Siguard looked down at the broken tool, then up at Goblet. His face did not change. He charged and slammed his body into Goblet. Goblet braced the hit. His body slid back. The muddy ground sent him flying into the carriage behind them. The whole structure rocked and squeaked side to side until it settled back to normal. Goblet pulled Siguard off of him and punched him in the face. Siguard’s jaw popped and shambles back.

 The door to the carriage swung open. Hugh’s hair was tossed about. His body was filled with sweat. He exhaled and looked at the scene before him. “What happened?”

“I don’t know,” Goblet said. 

Siguard stabilized himself.

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