Tainted Victory – Chapter 7, Part 7 (Page-a-Day)

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“I don’t think that it’s something you can just overcome with brute force,” Olivier said. He spun his staff. A burning flare lit at the end and quickly kicked up into a ring of fire. He chanted an incantation. The ring of fire became a blazing twister. Siguard ducked sideways as the tornado hit the sword statute and scooted him back to his cubby. He exhaled. “I haven’t had to work this much is years.”

“Look out!” Claudia said. She fired her bolt at an approaching soldier. The bolt jammed into the soldier, but had no effect. 

The soldier, a spearman, raised his blade up and jabbed Olivier in the chest. Olivier flew back and smashed into one of the weapons cases. He stood up and dusted himself off. The spearman followed him. It raised its spear. Olivier held up his staff. He chanted a few words. A green wrap with runic letters erupted from the ground to tie the stone soldier up. The soldier tried to move only to fall on its face. 

“Good move!” Claudia said. She loaded another arrow and fired it at an axe soldier. The arrow flew across the room with a faded blue light. The arrow hit true. The light exploded out from the soldier. A cod air whipped through the enclosed vault. Ice grew from the point of contact. The ice grew quickly to envelop the soldier’s torso, legs, then arms.

 A second sword soldier smashed the frozen soldier in a single stroke, then ran directly to Claudia. Claudia’s hands began to shake. The stone statue stood feet above her, and twice her body size. It’s sword whizzed sideways. She ducked. Hounder bolted from behind her. He leapt high into the air, then bore down on the soldier’s wrist. He growled and snarled. His teeth bit down, and cracked the stone. The crack ran up the soldier’s arm, and down to his fingertips. Hounder jerked his head side to side. The crack grew thicker and thicker still. Hounder tore his jaw back. The wrist shattered. Clay shrapnel exploded out. 

The sword clashed to the floor. Hounder ran back as Colt came up the other side, sword drawn, and stabbed the soldier in the abdomen. Another crack spread out from the soldiers gut. Colt pulled the sword back. It didn’t budge. He tried twice over. He felt his hand sweat, sliding back further on the handle. The soldier reared its good arm back and punched Colt in the face. Colt dropped to the ground instantly. A small trail of blood ran down his lips. The soldier bent over, grabbed his dropped sword, pointed it downward, then thrusted it hard. 

The ground between Colt’s legs erupted. Another green wrap with runic writing came from the erupted hole and wrapped around the sword’s blade. The sword and soldier collapsed instantly into the broken hole in the ground. 

Claudia ran over. She offered her hand to Colt. He accepted. She helped him up. They heard a second fall. They looked over to see Olivier passed out on the floor. From their distance they could see he was pale, and sweating through his thick robe. Claudia grabbed his legs, Colt his arms. There was a loud scrape when they pulled him to the wall and propped him up. Claudia moved next to Oliver, she removed a cloth from her quiver and damped it against the mage’s head. She took Olivier’s hand, placed the cloth in it, and held it against his forehead for him. “I’ll stay with Olivier,” Claudia said. She took a kneeling position and raised her crossbow to the crowd of soldiers, ready to fire.

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