Tainted Victory – Chapter 7, Part 8 (Page-a-Day)

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Colt rose, he bent over to stretch his form out. “Okay. I’ll…” his voice vanished when he saw three stone soldiers, one with a sword, another an axe, and third a spear, all ganging up on Siguard. Colt drew his sword, adjusted his body, whistled to Hounder. Hounder narrowed his eyes and took off across the stone floor. He leapt over a jewel case, extended his claws, and bore down on the spear solder. “ Siguard!” Colt called. He ran across the room. 

Siguard blocked an axe strike with his sword. The two materials let out a deafening clang on contact. The sword soldier swung at him. Siguard adjusted his grip and blocked the strike. The two fronts crushed his strength. He felt his arms begin to quiver and shake. He ducked down, then rolled backward. The two stone blades collided with the floor. Siguard bounced up and swung his sword at the sword soldier’s wrists. He felt them collide and shake his blade. The axe soldier raised his axe and dropped it onto Siguard’s shield. Siguard scooted backward. The sword soldier delivered a devastating thrust to his exposed chest plate. He leaned back. The tip of the stone blade gazed his plate, sending sparks out in an explosion of friction. THe sword soldier stepped closer. Colt slid over the neighboring jewel case and slashed his blade under the stone one. The stone blade flew up. Siguard stepped into the hit. He slid the axe blade off his shield, and stabbed the sword soldier in the chest. His blade cut through the stone and sent cracks up the soldier’s body.

A blade whistled through across Siguard’s ear. A small knife zipped past him and lodged itself directly into the stone soldier’s face. The cracks descended downward and met at the neck. Siguard pulled his sword out. The soldier crumbled into a dust pile. He heard a second blade fly through the air, then felt a thin, stinging cut cross his face. The dagger embedded itself into the axe soldier’s face.Siguard touched his face. A stream of blood ran down his face.He wiped his fingers on it. He turned to see Evelyn toss a third dagger into an axe soldier, vault over the constricted soldier’s body, flip over the trick plate in front of the dragon’s egg and landed on the pedestal. She bowed

Sigaurd sighed. His face turned pale. He sheathed his blade, and braced himself on the jewel case next to him. Blood ran from his cheek, down his face, and to his neck. He felt a distant voice begin to speak to him. The voice had no source. It called down as if it were from the heavens above. He felt it resonate through his skull and into his brain. He rubbed his eyes and looked around. The room became an empty void with crafted blocks for where the jewel cases laid. The voice came to him clearly now. “Someone has taken part of what I need,” the voice boomed. 

“What is it?” Siguard asked. He spun around in search of a speaker.

“You will not ask questions of your new master.”

“Correct,” Siguard said. He shut his mouth instantly. That was not what he thought he said. He blinked, then started walking around the black pillars. They were bare. “Where must I go?” He covered his mouth. He looked around. Why was he speaking? It was as if the words skipped his brain and went right to his mouth.

“Good.” The voice drew his word out. “The piece I am missing is above you.”

“Of course.” Siguard looked up. He saw the walls above him soak away to reveal two red beings in close quarters. “Those are my targets.” He could not form the thought of why he knew that. His brain felt like it tripped and barely caught himself before tumbling over. 

“Yes, they are. Now, go to them. Be ready for a fight.”

Colt touched Siguard’s shoulder. Siguard lept and turned to Colt. Siguard’s eyes were distant. His skin was pale and cold. “Can you get yourself to the doctor?” Colt asked.

“Yes.” Siguard wiped the blood away. “I know how to get back.” He knocked his shoulder into Colt and rhythmically marched out of the vault.

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