Tainted Victory – Chapter 7 Conclusion (Page-a-Day)

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“So,” Evelyn said, “now that the foot soldiers are gone, how are we going to move this thing upstairs?” She tapped the egg. Her hand turned red and began to sizzle. She yanked it away quickly. 

“What is going on?” Hugh repeated. The cool, fresh rain air wiped across his face. His eyes were bulging out at the sight of the unstable Siguard, and protective Goblet. 

“I don’t know,” Goblet said. “But I think someone is controlling the general here.” He gave a big heave in and out. His breath was an outline dancing in the air. Siguard shook his body off. It rattled and rang when the armor clicked together. “And he doesn’t seem to be backing down!”

Siguard lowered his body and charged. He slammed center mass into Goblet’s stomach. Goblet slid back. He felt the back of his legs slam into the treated wood and metal of the carriage steps. Goblet raised his hands into a ball and hammered down on Siguard’s back plate. It dented and rang, but did nothing.

“I have something!” Hugh disappeared into his workshop.

“Hurry!” Goblet flipped his hands under Siguard’s armor. He began pushing Siguard away from him. His hands began to sting and freeze on the metallic coat. 

Hugh tore open his cabinets and cupboard. Siguard was tearing Goblet apart outside, he had to think fast. Siguard was sick in some way. Killing him was not the solution. He removed a handful of colored bottles and lined them up on the table. He looked outside and saw Goblet tear Siguard off of him. Hugh ducked his head back into his lab. He grabbed an empty glass. He quickly unscrewed the lids and started eyeballing the doses into the glass. The solutions splattered and stained his workspace. He filled the jar to the top. He grabbed a cork and popped it into the bottle. He froze just for a second. His hands were shaking and pale. He took a breath, placed his hands on top of the cork, and exhaled. He picked up the glass and started shaking it up. The different colored solutions began to mix and swirl into a homogenous sludge of brown. 

Goblet tackled Siguard to the ground. Mud and dirt splattered everywhere. Goblet got to his knees, punched him repeatedly in the face, then stood up. Siguard rolled, kicked Goblet in the knee. Goblet fell. Siguard sat up and punched Goblet in the gut. Goblet felt the stinging pain and cold of the metal glove. Goblet moved back further. Siguard leaned in for a headbutt. He missed and rolled end over end. Goblet staggered up to his feet. Every breath made him ache in ways he could not explain, and felt like the escaping air was his ever draining life. Siguard got to his knee, then lifted himself back to his feet. His originally clean, gleaming armor was now coated in dirt, mud, and crud. His face matched his armor. “Hurry… ah… up,” Goblet said. “I… can’t do this… forever.” He raised his fists ready to fight. 

Siguard charged. “Duck!” Hugh called out. Goblet squatted. Hugh threw the glass jar. It arced end over end in the air. Siguard stopped mid charge and watched the glass bottle spin in the air, arc downwarn, and splash into the mud with a thud. 

“Ahh… Hugh?” Goblet looked back at the confused doctor.

“Smash the bottle and let the fumes knock him out!”

“Won’t they knock me out too.”

Hugh cocked his head. “Probably. But it’s the best solution this second.”

“I guess ‘probably’ is better than dying,” Goblet muttered. He squat leapt onto the glass bottle. He felt it push against his chest. He rolled away, Siguard missing him by a hair. Golet got to his feet. Siguard continued his charge. Goblet pulled his arm back. Siguard got closer. Goblet pushed his arm forward. The glass bottle made contact with Siguard’s armor. The bottle shattered into chunks. A putrid stink wafted from the bottle’s contents filled the two men’s nostrils. Goblet felt his head spin off of his body. He watched Siguard wipe the chemicals from his chest plate. Examine his hand, then fall face first onto the mud. Goblet smiled. His head left his body and spiraled up, passed the roof and into the clouds as his body fell into the mud as well.

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