Tainted Victory – Chapter 8, Part 2 (Page-a-Day)

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“It also must be what those guys outside are after as well.” Claudia pointed past the wall to the known opposition camped just outside the gate. 

“Speaking of guys,” Evelyn looked at the still sleeping Siguard.

“What happened?” Goblet asked. He propped his head up using his hand and wrist.

Evelyn, Claudia, and Colt did their best to explain what occurred down in the vault, and how they escorted the egg up the stairs while managing to keep it on it’s pillow. “I can tell you that was a really tricky trick we had to do,” Colt said. He leaned over and scratched Hounder’s head.

“Must have been,” Hugh said. He looked out the window. The overcast sky was racing to its next location. “What is our next move then?”

“Give me a round of applause for calling his betrayal,” Evelyn pointed to Siguard. 

“I’m not so sure about that,” Olivier said. 

“What on earth do you mean?” She slapped the table. “He found an opening to try and kill the only person who could figure out that he killed Raisor, only he was wrong and got beaten.” 

“I agree with the old man,” Goblet slurred out. “Siguard was not himself.” 

“Dense dumbass looking to stick something in people? Sounds like Siguard to me.” 

“Very clever,” Olivier said. “But think about it. He was fine until he was cut across the cheek.” He ran his nail over his cheek. 

“Did you check his cheek, Hugh?” Claudia asked. 

“No, I did not even think about that.”

“We were occupied,” Colt said. “I mean someone had to drag that oaf up here.”

“What are you getting at?” Claudia asked. “With the whole cutting thing.”

“Injuries can make you disassociate,” Hugh said. “I just wouldn’t think that would happen to a man like Siguard though.”

“I don’t mean just the cut itself.”

“Magic. He means magic,” Evelyn said. She slouched down into her chair. 

“Possession magic in particular,” Olivier said.

“How could it have happened? We were all with him?” Claudia asked. 

“The cut,” Evelyn said. 

“He was cut by something that could have infected him, and then the person who infected him could control him.” 

“Like… an arrow,” Goblet slurred out. 

The heads creaked too Claudia and her blazing mess atop her head. Her pale skin turned almost translucent. Her hands began to shake. “Ah what?” she said. She moved a few stray hairs from her face. Her eyes began to bug out. “I didn’t… I mean I couldn’t… I mean I just could never… I would never do anything like that.” The stares didn’t break. “I don’t even have an arrow that can take control of people.” She moved her quiver and dumped all the arrows out. They rattled and clinked together on the table. “See. Elemental. Elemental. Elemental.” She rapidly began going over whatever arrow on the table could do. “This one is an arrow that lets me do the mirror thing. This one turns into binding. This one I don’t know. I just saw the runes and wrote them down.” She slammed the table. The arrows hopped into the air. “I don’t have an arrow that can take control of people!”

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